WW II USMC "Battle Jacket" or "Vandegrift" Jacket--Not "Ike" Jacket...

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* US Marines in Aussie uniform. (Battle Jacket, Not "Ike" Jacket) "When the 1st Marine Division arrived in Australia from Guadalcanal in early 1943, it was issued the Australian battle dress blouse and trousers, because of a shortage of US forest green service uniforms. The wool serge waist-length blouse was OD (olive drab), termed khaki by the Australians. It had pleated breast pockets, concealed pocket flap and front closure buttons. Known as the 'Vandegrift' jacket, after the Division Commander, it proved popular.

A US-made forest green version was authorised for officers in December 1944 and for enlisted men in August 1945." (from US Marine Corps 1941-45, by Gordon Rottman/Mike Chappell, Osprey 1995).
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