WND Attempts to Debunk Tillman Murder Evidence As Leftist Conspiracy Theory

WND Attempts to Debunk Tillman Murder Evidence As Leftist Conspiracy Theory

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World Net Daily Attempts to Debunk Tillman Murder Evidence As Leftist Conspiracy Theory
Claims Olbermann and Wesley Clark didn't discuss Tillman case in the context of a high-level murder cover-up when the video manifestly contradicts this

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Saturday, July 28, 2007

World Net Daily today sought to dismiss clear evidence that Pat Tillman was murdered by attempting to marginalize the issue as a leftist conspiracy theory and by suggesting Wesley Clark and Keith Olbermann didn't lend credence to the murder angle - when they clearly did.

The article quotes large portions of our piece yesterday about the new evidence in the Pat Tillman case.

The World Net Daily piece firstly fails to address clear indications that Tillman was murdered, as unveiled by Army medical doctors, that Tillman was triple tapped with an M16 round to the head from just ten yards and that the bullet holes were very close together. Medical examiners were very suspicious and suspected murder, but were blocked from investigating the angle by higher-ups.

(Article continues below)

The report also stated that no evidence of enemy fire was found at the scene, calling the explanation of friendly fire into question.

The Associated Press story also revealed that "Army attorneys sent each other congratulatory e-mails for keeping criminal investigators at bay as the Army conducted an internal friendly-fire investigation that resulted in administrative, or non-criminal, punishments."

Anyone who considers the new evidence, along with the obvious motivation for killing Tillman - the fact that he was about to return home and become an anti-war icon, and rules out the obvious explanation of murder is in a severe state of denial.

WND scoffs at the notion that Wesley Clark, during an appearance on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Thursday night, entertained the notion that Tillman could have been murdered and that a high level cover-up may have been at work.

"Clark, however, never even remotely suggested the possibility of any high-level conspiracy to kill Tillman. In fact, he was questioning where, in the chain of command, was the decision made to cover up the truth about what happened to Tillman," states the article.

Anyone who watches the video and reads the transcript can readily ascertain that the context of Olbermann and Clark's conversation is clearly whether or not Pat Tillman was murdered and if that was covered up.

"Does it not begin to look more and more like that, that we were going the wrong direction in this, that they were not trying to protect something, something slightly negative from coming out, but in fact coming- protecting the accusation that his mother has made and has not gotten a lot of attention to that, that perhaps he was indeed murdered?" Olbermann asks Clark.

"It's very possible," responds Clark.

How World Net Daily can claim the context of this discussion isn't about the potential cover-up of the fact that Tillman was murdered is baffling.

Olbermann asks Clark if "they" as in the authorities may have been "protecting something" - "the accusation that....perhaps he was indeed murdered."

Olbermann is asking Clark if he thinks the authorities may have engaged in a cover-up to bury the fact that Tillman was murdered and Clark agrees - "it's very possible."

Perhaps World Net Daily didn't manage to make it to the end of the six minute You Tube video, because their article completely omits this portion of the transcript, yet they attack Prison Planet.com for a "misrepresentation" and a "distortion".

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Last year we caught World Net Daily inventing evidence to smear 9/11 truth when they claimed that Professor Steven Jones had called "for the violent overthrow of the government" at a conference in LA.

WND later had to issue a retraction and admit that "no such comments" had been made.

In a January 2006 article they also strongly suggested that opposing military recruiting in schools was akin to pedophilia with a bizarre headline about a rapist teacher who by chance also opposed military recruiting in schools.

We are somewhat confused by World Net Daily's approach, on the one hand they routinely put out excellent articles exposing the North American Union and are attacked for doing so by sectors of the establishment media and even the Neo-Cons. But on the other hand, they seem to be desperate to cling on to what is now a dwindling Neo-Con support base by maintaining support for the occupation of Iraq and sidelining anti-war sentiment as leftist hot air.

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