S.Camp, Fuji, 1954

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Barracks were such, as might have been left over from ww2 prison camp. We were in Ammo Co., 3rd Marines. We maintained ammo magazines up on Fuji..9 mi. switch back road to summit where 12th Marine Art. was located. In lull time, we chased prisoners to the notorious Fuji brig. Peace in S.Camp was fragile. Either to resolve that, or what, we were all sent into tent camp for winter, above the timber line. We had water hours, and no heat at night. Lawd, we froze. One night,after that, back down in S.Camp, we were all called out, as side of Fuji was lighted up with WP (white phos). We raced vehicles 9 mi.on break-back roads, to respond, but were late. Many casualties in hamlet..all because civilians had gone onto firing range, and retrieved duds for salvage. They were taking these munitions apart in huts, for purpose of metal to make, I guess, pots and pans. To all in the outfit, we did what we could for them. Every Marine, put all effort to aid, and to comfort..but we weren't Medics or Corpsmen, but did best we could. Paul