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I need some help. My uncle served in the 31st replacement draft, 5th marine division in 1944-1945. He started out at Paris Island then camp Lejuene. He was killed on Red Beach on Iwo Jima and didn't even get off the boat as he was hit by a sniper bullet at age 18. He was buried on the islands and then transported home for internment. In the meantime, he had a son which he never met or seen. At his funeral here in Ohio, there was a military picture of him at the funeral service. I have been trying to locate that picture. I was told by his son, whom I just found in 1999 and his health is not good at all, that his mother's house burned up and that picture was in it and so was the flag. He just received a flag today, February 2, 2017, and now I am still trying to locate that picture. Does anyone know how I can get ahold of his dad's picture? I have all records from the military and somewhat of a copy of a picture but not in his military uniform. I also a number etc.

Please can anyone help me as I have been trying to get this picture before something happens to his son. I would appreciate any help that I can get at this point.

Thank you