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One hears often these days of boot Marines referring to their "Motivation."
Old Corps Marines, on the other hand, have no idea WTH they mean by motivation.

For the benefit of both groups mentioned above, I will elaborate regarding this.

The "Boondockers" depicted above were the standard boot camp issue up through the early '50s, when the new "Mickey Mouse" boots began to be issued.
Each Marine recruit, at one time or another during boot camp, was issued his lifeime ration of "motivation" via the boondocker (8 1/2 EE, and up) by his Drill Instructor (D.I.). We may have not thought of it as motivation at all--in fact, we may have never thought that much of it again, but it made a lasting impression and was always there, alive, just below conscious awareness, doing its job--for a lifetime.

Since then, America has changed greatly, and the newly minted "Americans" have changed. The term we once used affectionately as the "Old Corps" is now replaced by, "back-in-the-day." In fact, most of our old Naval Terminology, "salty talk," is all but unknown. Even Marines reenlisting ("shipping over") refer to it as "ReUp-ing," as though they were in some other branche of the service.

Public schools, TV, Hollywood, MSM, etc. have all taken its toll! DI's we are told, no longer wear boondockers. In Fact, their DI's didn't wear them. They were all denied the old Marine Corps ration of...what is now known as...motivation.

What is this new "motivation," so-called. It varies, my guess is it falls somewhere within the framework of entertainment and/or just forking over to them sufficient cash for them to get down to the mall, or whatever, where they find their own..."motivation"!

It has never replaced the old 8 1/2 EE--but that's the way things are these days.

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