Update: Ray Jacobs and That First Flag On Iwo Jima...

Update: Ray Jacobs and That First Flag On Iwo Jima...

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Subject: More FYI
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 11:43:19 -0800

I spent 2 1/2 hours yesterday with a reporter and cameraman team from Associated Press.They are preparing a story about Iwo,the first flag raisng and my part in it.It will be offered to all of their clients nationally later this month.It went well.I am very satisfied with with the whole experience.The cameraman took about 100 pictures..perhaps more.He is also a writer and wants to do a story about all this for Naval Proceedings.

It was an exhaustive interview and the reporter had done his homework.For example,he called James Bradley.Bradley told them he believes I was the radioman on Suribachi that day.They are going to dig up the original notes and stories filed by the AP reporters who interviewed me and other Marines on Suribachi.

I showed them the newest item just acquired.It's a photo copy of the front page of the Los Angeles Times dated Feb.25,1945.Center page is a picture of the second flag raising with a caption reading..."COLORS GOING UP" 'United States Marines hoist American flag atop Suribachi Iwo Jima volcano,after battling Japs to rim of crater.In the flag raising patrol above is PFC Raymond Jacobs,19,of 729 East 15th St,Los Angeles.Photo by Joe Rosenthal,with wartime picture pool,radioed by Navy from Guam to San Fransisco."

Now that is a real collectors item!!!

My wife,my daughter and I are leaving tomorrow for the 6oth Reunion Of Iwo Vets at McLean,Virginia.I will be a long trip but I am looking forward to it.In addition to tours of the monuments and History Center there is a seminar on the battle for Iwo Jima conducted by none other than Colonel John Ripley.I am looking forward to seeing Betty Michels/McMahon.She is the daughter of James Michels the Marine holding the carbine in Lowery's picture.We first met at the Long Prairie memorial dedication and have corresponded ever since then.

Following the reunion we are traveling to New Jersey to Visit one of my sons and his family.Back home Friday,Feb.25th.

Oh,..no need to hold back on the e mail From Brig.General Simmons.The AP guys have copies and I quoted from it in the guest column I have written for Hackworth's Defense Watch internet news magazine Soldiers For The Truth.That too will be published later this month.

Semper Fi,Ray

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