U.S. Marines In Russia?

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The Marines of the BROOKLYN, flagship of the Asiatic Fleet, participated
in the activities around Vladivostok, Siberia, In 1918.

In June, 1918, Vladivostok, and practically all of Siberia, was under the
control of the Bolsheviki. The Bolsheviki, assisted by German and Austrian
prisoners of war, were resisting the advance of the Czecho-Slovaks, who were
trying to reach Vladivostok. In that city on June 29, 1918, there were
approximately 12,000 well-organized Czecho-Slovaks, only about 2,500 of whom
were armed or equipped. On the foregoing date the Czecho-Slovaks in the city
took it over from the Bolsheviki after a three hour battle near its center,
and on the afternoon of that day Rear Admiral Austin M. Knight, commander in
chief of the Asiatic Fleet, ordered a detachment of American Marines ashore to
guard the American consulate and to act as part of an Allied force composed of
British, Japanese, Chinese, and Czecho-Slovaks, to patrol the city.

In July, 1918, Marines from the BROOKLYN acted as guards over German and
Austrian prisoners of war on Russian Island, about 5 miles from Vladivostok,
while Marines from the same vessel constituted part of an Allied military
force of American and British marines, Japanese and Chinese bluejackets, and
Czecho-Slovak soldiers, which was organized to prevent a threatened strike and
disorder among the workmen in the Russian navy yard at Vladivostok.

The ALBANY was at Vladivostok from April 2, 1919, until relieved by the
NEW ORLEANS on July 25, 1919. Each of these ships, while they were anchored
off Vladivostok, kept a small guard of Marines at the United States Naval
radio station on Russian Island.

Col. Carl Gamborg-Andresen was fleet Marine officer of the Asiatic Fleet
from August 25, 1915 to July 17, 1917; Col. Louis McC. Little from July 18,
1917 to April 25, 1918; and Col. Eli T. Fryer from that date until after the


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