Toyota: Don't Die, Ford - We Need You To Slap Around!

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April 26th, 2005, 6:09 pm #1


Few of you will recall that old patriotic WW II song that we all sang with enthusiasm...

It went...

"We're gonna have to slap, those dirty little Japs...

And Uncle Sam's the guy who can do it..."

Well dem days are gone, amigo!

And, in the case of this article, it's Ford getting slapped around now--but, they don't want Ford to die, they need them getting beaten, groggy and staggering on their feet. Good for advertising/marketing.

Their own fault ya say?
No, Ford is only one of many now "punchdrunk"--it's the fault of that same Uncle Sam, no longer patriotic, no longer nationalistic, now indoctrinated along socialist, world order lines. Our once fearless uncle is now a pansy.

Time to get back to the constitution--remember? Something about the federal government raising funds by federal excise taxes, import/export taxes...something like that. Sure--let 'em sell their Toyotas, BMWs, etc., for those who want them, here and now--but w/new competitive import taxes!!!!!, impose the price for the privilege/business on 'em!!!!!

Some folks useta call that--America First!

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