To BigBro & Anti-Smokin Movement In America!!!!!

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To the government:
When we were 18 years old you drafted us into the military. You sold us cigarettes for a dime a pack(tax free) in your PX'S. You didn't seem to care if we were old enough to buy them. Now that we are old enough to buy them but too old to fight you are proposing $4.00 a pack (mostly tax).

You and many patriotic groups stood on railroad platforms and handed us packs of cigarettes through open windows of troop trains, that were headed for God knew where. Now you don't want us to smoke on trains, planes, buses, ships, or any other transportation media.

You packed a few cigarettes in our "C" and "K" rations and they did not have any WARNING LABLELS on them. It was nice to sit in a muddy shell hole and top the rations off with an after dinner smoke. Now when we finish a meal at a restaurant you want us to have our smoke outside on the sidewalk. That's OK with us it beats the Hell out of a Fox Hole.

When we laid on stretchers with our life's blood oozing away, you lit cigarettes and put them to our lips. You did not warn us that it might be hzzardous to our health and adversely affect others standing nearby.

When we killed for the first time you didn't give us tranquillizers or counseling. You just let us sit in the rain under a wet poncho, and smoke a cigarette to calm our shattered nerves. That cigarette and the many that followed weren't a cure-all for all the other troubles in our lives, but they did seem to take the edge off, and sometimes they eased the pain a bit.

We did not smoke anywhere anytime. We did not smoke in ammo dumps, near fuel supplies, or while standing watch to name few. We were taught that when we performed well, we were rewarded with smoking breaks. When we messed up the smoking break was the first thing to go. Now when we are performing well by working a job, obeying the law, and paying taxes you want to take away our smoking breaks. It is small wonder that we are confused and irate.

We smoked in the jungles of Guadalcanal
WE smoked on the deserts of North Africa
We smoked on the frozen hills of North Korea
We smoked in the jungles of Viet Nam
We smoked on the ships in the Coral Sea
We smoked on the beaches of Normandy
We smoked in the B-17's over Germany
We smoked on the sands of Iraq

We smoked in so damn many places on this earth I can't list them all. AND YOU DIDN'T SEEM TO CARE until now. It seems ironic that we can't smoke in any government buildings. I suppose that is our reward for saving and protecting them for you.

This is 2003 and you now have a vast knowledge of the evils of smoking, some of it true some of it not so true. The methods and cost of obtaining this data are often as conflicting as the data itself. I am sure if I were an 18 year old today I would NEVER light up a cigarette. I tip my hat to those who have successfully quit. I encourage others to try. I do not sneer at, chastise, or treat those who smoke as common criminals. This much I will say; I feel like I have earned the right to smoke. I would like the same right to quit by CHOICE and not by FORCE.

I am attempting to break the habit by using products available on the market to help. It is a damn shame that NOT one dime of the billions of dollars collected from the tobacco industry has been made available for people like me to purchase these products.

Does anyone know a greedy lawyer who would like file a class action suit against the government for several billions of dollars because they are to blame for our addiction to nicotine?

Written on behalf of all my veteran buddies who have either smoked or are still smoking