The Marine Who Was Two Hundred Years Old

The Marine Who Was Two Hundred Years Old

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Here's one I'll bet few of you have seen, or even heard of. It was called, "The Marine Who Was 200 Years Old," starred Ward Bond as Lou Diamond. This was shown on TV's, Cavalcade Of America, on January 4, 1955.

I first saw it in 1958 or 59, at SNCO Leadership School, CPNC. At that time, and thereafter, I took it to be a training film, as it was of less than an hour's duration.

For years I swore that the star of that film was William Bendix--memory is sometimes a tricky thing. Then, just a few years ago, Colonel Hemenez brought out his book, The USMC In Books and The Performing Arts--and the film was listed therein.

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