The Marine Michael Smith/Jane Fonda Tobacco-Spitting Incident...

The Marine Michael Smith/Jane Fonda Tobacco-Spitting Incident...

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Posted on Wed, Apr. 20, 2005

Michael A. Smith of Kansas City was charged with disorderly conduct after a spitting incident involving Jane Fonda at a book-signing event on the Country Club Plaza.
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Vietnam vet calls spitting in Fonda's face �a debt of honor'


The Kansas City Star

Kansas City police arrested a 54-year-old man Tuesday night after he allegedly spit tobacco juice into the face of Jane Fonda at a book signing event on The Country Club Plaza.

Michael A. Smith, a Vietnam veteran from Kansas City, was charged with disorderly conduct, a city charge.

Reached by telephone this morning, Smith called Fonda a �traitor� and said her protests of the Vietnam War were unforgivable. He said he went to the event at the Unity Temple, 707 W. 47th St., for the sole purpose of spitting in her face. He said he doesn't normally chew tobacco, but he did Tuesday.

�I consider it a debt of honor,� he said. �She spit in our faces for 37 years�It was absolutely worth it. There are a lot of veterans who would love to do what I did.�

Smith said he receives disability payments from the government for injuries suffered in the Vietnam War. He said he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and nerve damage caused by Agent Orange.

Police said Smith waited in line for about 90 minutes, then passed a book to Fonda about 9 p.m. and spit at her. Smith then ran, police said, but quickly was arrested by off-duty Kansas City police officers hired to provide security for the event.

Fonda declined to press assault charges against Smith, police said.

To reach Christine Vendel, police reporter, call (816) 234-4438 or send e-mail to

See The Kansas City Star tomorrow for more on this story.

The following in my e-mail from John Farrell, via Maj Duncan, etc.

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A note from Mike "Spittin'" Smith. I'm a bit confused about the book. Not sure which book he is talking about. Thought all of you would want to see this message.

Semper Fi

Deduke wrote:

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Judging from my email, it doesn't take very long for the word to get
around, so I'll post this on this site and let you guys pass it on.

I spit in Hanoi Jane's face, not for personal publicity, but for all
veterans. I have had hundreds of phone calls from national media
outlets begging for an interview. Each and every one was told the
same thing: I am not going to do any national interviews. The people
who need to know about what I did already know about it. The people
who don't get it will never get it.

The response from vets has been overwhelming. So many have offered
to help with legal expenses, and offered any assistance possible,
that I think it would be a good idea to take advantage of it. So, at
Lana's suggestion, I want to sell the book on Ebay, with the
understanding that ALL the proceeds go to a charity which is in line
with the beliefs of CAP Marines. No political charities, just
something that we all can support.

In line with that, I think that someone on our site has the smarts
to set up a foundation to accept donations from all those who have
offered. This is a good opportunity to not only do some good, but to
help get out the word that we aren't baby-killers. Any volunteers? I
was thinking maybe something like the Freedom, Honor, Justice
Foundation. Of course, that is a little awkward to say every time,
so maybe we could abbreviate it somehow.

I got a call from a man at Ft Bragg who said that a lot of Rangers
are willing to donate a day's pay. He said that he wouldn't be
surprised if the idea somehow made it's way to Ft Polk. If these
guys, who are on active duty and who don't make near enough money,
are willing to donate, maybe we can find others who are also willing.

I've been a little busy the past few days, and am still trying to
catch up. If you guys could pass the word on this I hope we can come
up with someone willing and able to do the legal stuff necessary to
set up a charitable organization.

Semper Fidelis
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"... the twin pillars of political correctness are willful ignorance and a steadfast refusal to face the truth ..." George MacDonald Fraser

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GunnyG Response....

Like it or not...'Spittin'' Mike Smith, a Marine, is destined to become (maybe already has) part of Marine Corps Lore. True, the brass, and others, will never officially approve of his act, and the authors of books on Marine history, etc. will likewise be reluctant to write about this caper in glowing terms. But, Marine Smith has done what the U.S. government failed to do for so many years now, and thereby failed all of us in its act of omission/incompetence. Mike Smith, on the other hand never had that problem, he just needed the opportunity; and that opportunity was forthcoming the other day, and he didn't half-step, he went right straight up the middle with what had to be done.!

I've seen just a few Marine responses to what Smith has done, saying that Smith acted improperly and not in the best interests of the Corps. Maybe so, but even most of those who worry about things like that, admit that it was deserved by the "victim," in this case, and this is, at least, understandable by all real Americans.

Some are unhappy that Smith "ran away" (as the media reports) immediately following the incident. At the very least, I am willing to overlook and withhold judgement on that; except to point out that, had not Smith been apprehended, God knows how many wannabees, etc. would have claimed credit for his work by now.

I began to suspect that the 'spitter' might be a Marine when the MSM continued to refer to Smith only as "a Vietnam Vet" in articles following the incident. You can bet yer @ss that had the media judged the incident as to be perceived as negative by the public, then they would have immediately labelled him an ""ex-Marine (probably with a lower case m!). Personally, I think, right from the gitgo, the media finally called this one right, i.e., they figured the public would see this incident in its "postive" light, and so they didn't want to ID Smith as one of the best Of the best!

To those unhappy with the act itself (spitting upon someone, which is a filthy thing to do, under normal circumstances, that is), I'll simply ask this question. If what he did is so bad, why do we glorify the likes of somebody like RLE, when he speaks of, paraphrased, "ripping off somebody's head, and sh!tting down his neck"? Yes, I mean the same former staff sergeant, actor, who swapped spit w/that guy in one of his fliks--later in an interview, he justified said act by the large sum of money he was paid for his performance--ok, so now we know what HIS price is...--nuff said. Seems like some of us have a problem with our perception of things, now doesn't it?

As for me, I'll fall in, as always, with the old salts, and those with the eyes and ears for the truth, and who know right from wrong--and, if they're a bit rough around the edges, so be it.
Well done, Marine Mike Smith, and thank you!
Semper Fidelis
Dick Gaines

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