The Essence of Liberty, Part 104, Chapter 9: Lincoln's Big Lie

The Essence of Liberty, Part 104, Chapter 9: Lincoln's Big Lie

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The Essence of Liberty, Part 104

A Summary of: Lincoln Unmasked: What You're not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Summarized by Toni Jolin

Edited by Dr. Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume

Chapter 9: Lincoln's Big Lie

Lincoln's argument was that, since the Constitution was created by “the whole people” (and not the citizens of the free and independent states), only “the whole people” could dissolve it. There is overwhelming evidence that this was (and still is) a big lie. To writ:

Modern day nationalists point to the preamble of the Constitution, which reads, “We the people of the United States… do ordain and establish this Constitution…” However, the first draft read: “We the people of the States of…(and continues by naming each of them individually).” But, the founders realized that all the states might not ratify the document and a state could “hardly be named in the document before the document was actually ratified by that state.” Therefore, the preamble was changed.

Furthermore, James Madison wrote of, “the people composing those political societies {of the states}, in their highest sovereign capacity.” It is clear that the founders never intended one big national act of ratification nor did they create “a nation.” They only created a confederacy of states.

In addition, the Declaration of Independence was, first and foremost, a Declaration of Secession—e.g. a separation from a community of one part of that community. And, as such, it contradicts Lincoln's theory of the absence of state sovereignty. Furthermore, the concluding paragraph of the Declaration makes it clear to the world that the founders viewed the individual states as separate countries. Also, the king of England did not sign a peace treaty with something called the “United States of America” (in the singular) when the Revolution ended.

The states clearly spelled out their independent and sovereign status in Article I, Section II of the Articles of Confederation.

James Madison, in Federalist #39, wrote that the constitution was to be ratified by the people “not as individuals composing one entire nation, but as composing district and independent States to which they respectively belong,“ and that each state was “considered a sovereign body, independent of all others, and only to be bound by its own voluntary act.”

The words “united States” are in the plural in all of the founding documents. The president is not elected by “the whole people” but by an electoral college selected by each of the state legislatures and, up until 1914, uS senators were appointed by state legislatures.

According to the Constitution: No new state may be formed within any other state or by the joining of two or more States without the consent of the legislatures of those States. Lincoln discarded this provision of state control when he orchestrated the illegal secession of West Virginia from the rest of Virginia. Amending the Constitution requires ratification by three-fourths of the states—not by popular vote of “the whole people.”

Since the founders feared democracy, they limited the central government by delegating only 17 very specific responsibilities to it (Article I, Section 8) This is also why they created the system of checks and balances and dual sovereignty.

To this day, advocates for the dictatorial executive branch and military aggression (e.g. neo-conservatives) continue to invoke the Lincoln legend to “justify” their interventionist policies. As long as this nationalist myth prevails, the American people will never regain their sovereignty.

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At the time this work was completed, Toni Jolin was a student in the School of Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences at Sul Ross State University where Jimmy T. LaBaume, PhD, ChFC is a Professor of Economics and Statistics.

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