The DI's Call

The DI's Call

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October 2nd, 2002, 1:55 pm #1

Something that haunts me from 50 years ago. Does it you?

I can hear his voice from across the years
and it beckons me back again,
to march on his field of long ago,
the deck from way back then.

His haunting song never leaves my head,
his voice, demanding my all.

The cadence and rhythm echoes on.
The cadence of my DI's call.

Once you've heard his voice and song
and the sound of pounding heels.
You always hear it coming back, across some distant fields.

March sharply you Marines that went before.
Don't bobble or bounce or fall.
What you hear from long ago,
are the sounds of the DI's call.

Author Unknown

(The above from H-3-5 News, Jan99)