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The Big Picture

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"The US was planning on a massive air assault on Iran this winter but decided to postpone that attack, perhaps out of fear that another aggressive intervention and unpopular war, based on manipulated intelligence, could affect the upcoming primary elections in favor of Ron Paul--the only Republican anti-war presidential candidate--who is already dangerously close to breaking out of the single digits in the polls. "
The Big Picture
2007 Update
By Joel Skousen
Editor - World Affairs Brief

Once a year, I take time out from my normal news analysis to update World Affairs Brief subscribers to the "big picture" of events in the world, including specifically my projections for the next World War, which is the real threat we have to prepare for--not individual terrorism. More than ever, I still consider the nuclear attack on America as inevitable, both because the real axis of evil (Russia and China) are still building for that attack, and because our own government is controlled by those intent upon destroying US sovereignty and delivering our nation over to a socialist New World Order (NWO). The foundational document upon which this update is based is entitled "Strategic Threats of the Coming Decade" and is found at .

A Larger World View of the Coming World War: Each year we see the US engaged in extensive military and covert intervention in nearly every country of the world--either under the guise of spreading democracy or promoting US interests. This intervention is the real source of hatred against America, not our freedoms. However, the true globalist purpose of all this intervention is to antagonize the world, control essential resources necessary for a future war, and to induce a massive nuclear retaliation against the US military that will create a world conflict sufficiently horrible to induce Western nations to yield essential sovereignty to a NWO. As I documented in recent briefs, however, that strategy was halted, temporarily, for the first time that I can remember. The US was planning on a massive air assault on Iran this winter but decided to postpone that attack, perhaps out of fear that another aggressive intervention and unpopular war, based on manipulated intelligence, could affect the upcoming primary elections in favor of Ron Paul--the only Republican anti-war presidential candidate--who is already dangerously close to breaking out of the single digits in the polls. I believe it was also feared, correctly, that the fragile state of the US dollar could not handle another trillion dollars in deficit spending while the establishment was busy funneling at least a trillion dollars into the world economy to bailout subprime mortagage holders and the banks that brokered these debt instruments (still ongoing).

The Bush administration has used the phony war on terror as a pretext in a seven year campaign of devious and manipulative legal wrangling to undermine Constitutional protections of the people and to incite false patriotism.

We take notice that even in yesterday's assassination of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, government agencies from Pakistan and some in the US were quick to pin the act on al Qaeda. How can anyone make such a claim without evidence and when the killer is dead? Bhutto did receive a letter from "friends of al Qaeda" on Oct. 23, threatening more suicide attacks. But, how hard is that to fake?

The PTB don't miss an opportunity to keep raising the specter of organized terror. It's too bad that only a few savvy thousands understand that al Qaeda is controlled terrorism (at the top) and used to further political purposes.

True, Pakistan is an essential key for the US, but not in the War on Terror--as claimed--but rather, in the controlled and manipulated war on terror for globalist conflict management purposes. Gen. Musharraf and his ISI spooks manager the arms pipeline to controlled enemies of the US, to create the appearance of terror and havoc. This is the real reason why Musharraf is being supported at all costs.

While Bhutto was no true friend of liberty either, she was a major figure competing with Musharraf for power and had to be eliminated to preserve his fragile base. The commonly stated pretense for assassination by al Qaeda or Muslim militants is that Bhutto was seen as a collaborator with the Americans. But even if true, it is even more applicable towards Musharraf himself, who has not been targeted. This leaves only Nawaz Sharif in the opposition role, and he had better watch his back. Several analysts are predicting that this will give Musharraf another excuse to postpone the election.

This continual drum beat about the threat of Islamic terror is extremely effective at keeping Americans compliant and unthinking. With it all, President Bush has slowly accustomed Americans to accept near dictatorial powers for himself under the guise of "Commander in Chief." Presidents used to require a declaration of war to exercise this power, but no more. The combination of a continual and unending "War on Terror," with numerous broad-ranging war power resolutions allows the United States to be kept under a continual state of war and emergency.

The Executive branch's only restraint on using that power is the fear of engendering on open revolt from the small but growing minority of disaffected Republicans, Democrats and Independents who "won't take it anymore." In any case, the executive still controls secret forces (the dark side of government) that can and does carry out illegal surveillance, warrantless searches, secret detention, and even torture--all under the cover of "national security."

Part of that dictatorial authority came in the Patriot Act, and some in last year's Military Commission's act. By changing the Insurrection Act, Bush has effectively overturned the Posse Comitatus Act which bars the president from deploying troops within the United States. He can now declare martial law at will and employ US troops within the nation to carry it out. The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 also allows Bush to take control of the National Guard which has always been under the purview of the state governors. Bush now has nearly absolute power over all armed troops within the country, a state of affairs which the constitution purposely tried to prevent.

That said, those that keep predicting the president will use those powers soon will continue to be disappointed. The manpower simply does not presently exist to run any comprehensive form of martial law, and the early use of that power without sufficient public justification would cause a huge backlash against presidential power. We need only look at the disaster the government made out of the Katrina hurricane evacuation to see that backlash. New Orleans has still not recovered, and smart people who got out aren't coming back. Moreover, savvy people know not to get caught in FEMA shelters (which quickly turn into mini-prisons). In my opinion, we will only see the broad use of martial law during the big war that's coming, when America itself is attacked. Until then, it is essential that the American people be kept passive and unsuspecting about government tyranny.

World centers of power are still alive and growing: There are still three major centers of power in the world: Russia, China, and the Anglo-American Globalists (US/UK). All other nations are subservient to or allied with one or more of these 'Big Three' powers. However, I need to add that each uses numerous surrogates to mask their control mechanisms. This year we have seen the Western Globalists broaden their direct support and control over Europe. France and Germany have joined Britain as surrogates for US globalist policies--almost universally against the will of their own peoples. Each of these countries has been found to be cooperating with CIA
rendition and torture flights. In the latest rounds of elections, challenges from the far Left have been defeated in major countries (except Italy) and pro-globalists have gained ground.

Not only do the globalists have a dedicated yesman in British PM Gordon Brown, who replaced Tony Blair, but the White House also seems to have the total allegiance of France's PM Nicolas Sarkozy and Germany's PM Angela Merkel. All other European powers are relatively insignificant when compared to the influence of these Big Three economic powerhouses in Europe.

Russia and China are still allied in a deadly pact to strike the West with nuclear weapons as soon as the best opportunity presents itself, but not before 2009, in order to take maximum advantage of the propaganda value of the 2008 Olympics. My more realistic estimate is that the threat of a pre-emptive nuclear war against America will not reach it's full potential before the middle of the next decade, primarily because China isn't ready yet--and that may yet slide again depending on China's desperate need for oil supplies outside its borders.


Yamantau and Kosvinsky Mountains (both located in the Ural mountain range) are the two largest Russian mega-bunker complexes. These sites are not only built to survive the effects of the West's submarine launched missiles, which cannot penetrate Russia's main bunker cities, but they also contain, in my analysis, whole factories for the next generation of biological, chemical, nuclear and missile production facilities and munitions depots.

The Russians are planning on not only surviving any US counter attack, but continuing arms production in underground safe havens. Russia has also numerous underground bunkers to shelter about a fourth of its critical labor and military personnel in and around its major cities. So, while Russia admits to only 3 new Topol M missile deployments per quarter, the number being built underground could be many times that number.

The West, led by the US, is still the leader in high-technology military weapons, a superiority which rests on somewhat limited quantities of expensive smart weapons (a point of vulnerability not lost on our enemies). China has huge advantages in terms of potential military manpower, while Russia has overwhelming superiority in numbers of conventional weapons. Additionally, Russia is only a little bit behind in high tech weapons --thanks to both its continued espionage as well as strategic technology transfers between the US and Russia, facilitated by both Republican and Democratic administrations.

This year Russia made significant strides in a number of areas. Its newest fighter is the SU 30/35 and is every bit as maneuverable as our new F-22. The Russians are expected to have fifth generation fighter (similar to our F-35 joint strike fighter) by 2009.

Despite its pretensions of weakness, Russia has at least a 5-to-1 advantage over the West in terms of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, including missile delivery systems. This latter advantage is critical because, with America's suicidal doctrine of absorbing a nuclear first strike (PDD-60) in effect (Bush has not rescinded it), combined with America's lack of any viable anti-ballistic missile system (we have only six missiles, none of which have explosive warheads, compared with Russia's understated arsenal of 3,000 missiles), it means that Russia has the capability to destroy 90 percent of the entire US military machine in a single day.

In summary, Russia and China are still preparing for war against the West as we speak, and our own leaders in the US are simultaneously downplaying the Chinese threat while outright denying any Russian threat. They are setting America up for a fall, incredible as that kind of treason may appear.


World Affairs Brief December 28, 2007. Copyright Joel Skousen.

Partial quotations with attribution permitted.

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