Story: 5th Marine Division Cemetery, March 26, 1945

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"The day the island was finally secured, March 26, 1945, the 5th Marine Divion Marines packed their gear and walked from the northern end of the island to the landing beach area where they would board transports to take them back to their base at Hilo, Hawaii.

As They passed the 5thMarDiv cemetery at the base of Suribachi, they passed grave after grave of Marines, some who had been friends and some unknown to them. Hanging on one of the crosses was a C-ration carton bearing this message to his comrades from the Marine who lay in the grave."

"When you go home, tell them all about it and how terrible it really was. And tell them we gave them all of their tomorrows for all our todays."

From the booklet,
By Ed Swaney, Lt USNR (Ret)
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