Star Of David On Marine NCO Sword?

Star Of David On Marine NCO Sword?

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December 13th, 2002, 9:17 pm #1

Question: Star of David, NCO Sword?

This question comes up again and again through the years--as to why the (assumed) Star of David is embedded on the hilt of the NCO Sword?

I believe that it is not the Star of David, but the Star of Damascus--but, I have yet to see any actual reference to this in any Marine Corps document, Marines history books, etc.

Here's something out of the Sgt Grit newsletter archives--but still no reference cited.


STAR ON NCO SWORD..................................................

In reference to your question regarding what appears to be the star of David on the NCO sword:

I believe that is actually the star of Damascus. Damascus, Syria was renowned for its steel and swords (very secretive art to making this steel, the method & formula for which is still not fully known today). The craftsmen formed a guild (sort of a union) of sword makers and their symbol was this six-pointed star, which became known as the star of

The use of this symbol was revived by Wilkerson sword makers (though they weren't making actual Damascus steel) to symbolize excellence (i.e.-it was a marketing ploy). Other sword makers quickly copied the symbol on their own swords.

The original swords made bore this symbol so now I suppose it's a tradition. Long live traditions.
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The answer to the Star of David on the NCO sword
is that it is not the Star of David. It is the Star of
Damascus the symbol of world renowned steel and
sword craftsmen. These craftsmen used two triangles joined together as a sign of their sword making guild which became know as the Star of Damascus. This symbol means the sword was fashioned with Damascus
steel and over 1,000 years of craftsmanship.
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It is absolutely correct that this "star" which we call the "Ricassio" is a stamp of or symbol of quality craftsman ship and it is still on the NCO sword of today as tradition even though our swords now are not sharpened swords of war.