Some Thoughts On Marines Forums, Messageboards, etc.

Some Thoughts On Marines Forums, Messageboards, etc.

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April 12th, 2005, 12:36 pm #1

Why am I here? Because I enjoy the interaction w/other Marines here. Does that mean I absolutely respect all hands here? Far from it--there are many here I think very highly of, and others, from time to time--a very few--I would classify down there somewhere between p!sspoor and benjo-ditch.

I first got on the Net sometime in 1997. At that time there were several Marines boards around, but not as many as there are now, I believe. The Few.Com was the big one, and I think Sgt Grit's may have been around then too, or came along soon after. And there were some no longer online. Before I had GyG's... online, I had a non-Marine site called Dick G's WebSite, and when I posted on BBs I used the username, DickG.

The big problem w/the few was that, I think, it was too big. There were too many different individuals, and diverse groups of one kind or another there, and because of this, in my opinion, squabbles almost continuously ensued. Then the original owner left, and it went downhill quickly never to right itself.

Anyway, boards were continually abandoned, merged w/others, new boards sprang up, some siezed by opportunists, etc., etc.--whatever. Interesting that many of the original members are now confined to their own little group ICU/boards; lessee, there's the country bumpkins who discuss only the weather, gas prices, granny's mule; the goody-goody group of self-professed intellectuals; and several others who prefer to remain unknown. People are the funniest animals I know.

Seems to me, Sgt Grit has found at least a partial solution by fragmenting into several forums where all--or most all--can choose to frequent forum(s) according to their likes/dislikes, etc.--one may choose all, some, or one or more forum, or even none--and can just view posts and safely stay out of the line of fire, if they prefer. In fact, this is just what many/most of the old-timers do--and that's a shame. Actually, I have attempted to "recruit" numerous real old-timers to my sites, this one included, and it's always the same story--they don't like the constant bickering and in-fighting that goes on on these Marines forums; and, they don't like the way the situation is handled when it gets out of hand. (how do they know this?--obviously they are 'lurking') Shouldn't be too difficult for any of us to grok this.

In my experience, there are a helluva lot more viewers of many categories frequenting Marines boards than posters. Those hit-counters don't lie.

Myself, there are some people I cannot stand/share a board with. So long as they (I think 'they' know who they are) stay on their own turf, all is fine. But there are some--I call them "freedom riders" (they push their way in because they can) who insist on their presence/being acknowledged where they don't belong. No way, Jose! I am perfectly willing to surrender my guest status here if the need should arise, but I will not submit to conform to PC.

There are good points and not-so-good points to a GyG's Place here. Unlike my own Network54 boards where I have my finger on the delete button at all times, I do not have that luxury here--that's both good and not-so-good. So, too, because I routinely delete posts I just don't like at my N54 boards--that's good and bad--not good for business/hits--but who's counting?

I often notice posts where some mention that this is a Marines site...etc. In fact, I've made that point myslf at times. But we have to recognize it is also a commercial site with the thought in mind of attracting non-Marines as well as us Marines of all kinds and ages. Can't have your cake and eat it too.

Sgt Grit's, unlike most other sites, is up front about this point--it is at the root a business, here to provide Marine stuff to Marines and other interested folks. Great! I like that. I buy stuff too. What I don't like is the many other so-called "Marines" sites (actually money-making scams under the guise of "for Marines," but only using a hook for Marines) run by Merchant marines--yes, I have placed those Ms as I intended. There are many out there--one in particular I have referred to as a "carnival for suckers" --you may recall my mentioning that once or twice.

So, I am hopeful that the..."freedom riders" stay the hell outta my way, and I'll continue to mind my own business and enjoy myself here as long as the ride lasts.

Semper Fidelis

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