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"Abroad with Two Yanks" (1944). Two Marines are in Australia chasing a
sweetheart in between fighting WW II

"Don Adams' Screen Test" (1974-77/syndicated/26 episodes). The former
Marine was host and director of the comedy and audience-participation

"Air Force" (1943). Beleaguered Marines on Wake Island help out an
ill-fated B-17 and its crew forced to fly to the Philippines in December
1941. The plane, with a Marine aboard, is repaired by Marines and
soldiers and escapes to Darwin as the Japs close in on the Philippines.

"Aliens" (1986). Ripley, a survivor of the 1979 ''Alien," returns 57
years later to distant planet LB 426 with Marines sent to check out her
horror story.

"All the Young Men" (1960). Marines object when.a young black sergeant,
not a combat veteran, take over their unit in Korea.

"Ambush Bay" (1966). Marines have 96 hours to search a Jap-held
Philippine island for someone with information needed by Gen.MacArthur.
Cast includes former Marine Hugh O'Brian.

"American Ninja 2: The Confrontation" (1987). Army Rangers catch a drug
kingpin rearranging genes of kidnapped Marines to create an army of
ninja assassins. (''American Ninja" focuses on an Army base.)

"Away All Boats" (1956). The Marines aren't identified as such, but the
Corps helped with the film at Vieques Island and a Marine officer was a
technical adviser in the film about the captain of the transport Belinda
inspiring his crew to bravery against Jap kamikaze attacks.

"Baa Baa. Black Sheep" (1976-77/NBC). Technical adviser, Pappy Boyington
himself. Renamed ''Black Sheep Squadron"' 1977-78/NBC. (See also "Flying

"Baby Blue Marine" (1976). A bucolic tale portrays a WW II Marine
dropout mistaken for a hero by residents of a small town. (See also
"Hail the Conquering Hero.")

"Back Street" (1961). Marine photos and uniforms abound as an Ohio woman
spends her life as a married New Yorker's mistress.

"Back to Bataan" (1945) Two (real) Marines are pictured as the film
begins, emerging from 3-year captivity, and two (real) Marines at the
close in a film otherwise devoted to the Army and guerrillas.

"Bad Day at Black Rock" (1954). A one-armed stranger gets off the train
in a dusty town and starts asking questions, particularly to a local
tough whom the Marines turned down the day after Pearl Harbor.

"Battle Cry" (1955). Romance distracts Marines in a communications
battalion in New Zealand during WW II. Directed by Raoul Walsh. Cast
includes former Marine James Whitmore. Based on novel by former Marine
Leon Uris, who did screenplay. Technical adviser was the legendary Col.
James Crowe. Filmed at Vieques, Pendleton, San Diego and Hollywood.

"Battle Flame" (1958). A wounded Marine lieutenant falls for a hospital
nurse in Korea.

"Battle Zone" (1952). Two Marine combat photographers, rivals for the
same nurse, go behind enemy lines in Korea.

"Beachhead" (1954). Marines work with the daughter of a local planter
who knows about Jap minefields in the Solomon Islands.

"Beach Red" (1967). A Marine captain and his men try and take a Pacific
island from the Japs during WW II.

"Behind Enemy Lines" (1997). A former Marine enters Vietnam to rescue a
captured comrade.

"Betrayed" (1988). An FBI agent falls in love with a former Marine /
white supremacist whose group she infiltrates. Her boss also is a former

"Big Jim McLain" (1952). A former Marine investigator who fought in
Korea is killed as special agents fight terrorism in Hawaii for the
House Un-American Activities Committee. In the final scene,
symbolically, Marines board transports on their way to fight in Korea.
Possibly the only movie in which John Wayne plays a former Marine.

"Blood Warriors" (1993). A former Marine is thrown into a deadly
conflict with a gang of mercenaries led by a former comrade.

"The Blue Dahlia" (1946). In an opening scene, a Marine corporal tangles
with a former sailor (played by William Bendix), just back from the
South Pacific, over juke box noise.

"The Bob Mathias Story" (1954). The two-time Olympic decathlon champion
plays himself in a biographical film that ends with his joining the

"Born Again" (1978). If inspired by the religious rebirth of former
Marine Charles Colson, President Nixon's special counsel, after his
Washington skullduggery, one might be absorbed by this one-dimensional

"Born on the Fourth of July" (1989). Based on book of former Marine and
Purple Heart recipient Ron Kovic, movie was filmed in Dallas and the
Philippines. Kovic, a Vietnam war protester, was wheeled away from 1972
GOP national convention and addressed 1976 Democratic convention. Oliver
Stone's production, with former Marine Dale Dye a technical adviser.

"The Boys in Company C" (1978). A pusher. an athlete, a would-be writer
and other Marine recruits go from boot camp to Vietnam. Cast includes
former Marine DI R. Lee Ermey.

"The B.R.A.T. Patrol" (1986). Marine base ''brats" try to warn officers
about a plot to steal top-secret military hardware. Cast includes former
Marine Brian Keith.

"Busses Roar" (1942). Set in wartime California, the film centers around
a Jap plot to plant a bomb in a passenger bus. A Marine foils the
conspiracy."By Dawn s Early Light" (1989/TV). (Rip Torn plays a Marine

"Caddyshack" (1988). A former Marine who probably had too many C-rations
in the field is hired in this comedy by the snooty president of a
country club to bump off a self-made man whose daughter wants to join.

"Cadet Kelly" (2002).

"The Caine Mutiny (1954). A paranoid Navy skipper panics when his ship
is taken under fire on a Pacific amphibious operation, leaving the
Marine landing force without supporting fire.

"Calling All Marines" (1939). Plans are stalemated for a
radio-controlled aerial torpedo for a foreign government.

"Call Out the Marines" (1942). A comedy updates the Flagg and Quirt
characters, with the boys tangling with a waterfront seductress while on
the trail of spies in San Diego.

"Captain America" (1979). His former Marine son continues the family
tradition of righting wrongs, pursuing an arch-criminal aiming a neutron
bomb at Phoenix.

"Carolina Skeletons" (1991). A Vietnam-veteran Marine major works with a
sheriff's daughter to clear his brother executed in the 1930s.

"Cat Chaser" (1991). The owner of a Mami motel, who fought with Marines
in 1965 in Dominican Republic and has the traditional Marine tattoo,
makes plans with a rich thug's wife.

"Chasers" (1994). A yeoman second class finds himself assigned to a
chief petty officer to drive to the Marine brig at Camp Lejeune and
transport a prisoner back to Charleston,S.C. The prisoner, a WM, is
beautiful and sexy. One scene, in particular, the Orange County Register
reviewer said, is "about as randy as R-rated studio fare gets these

"China Venture" (1953). A Marine captain, his Navy superior and a Navy
nurse search for a crash-landed Jap admiral.

"Cindy" (TK). The "Cinderella" fairy tale is updated to 1940s Harlem,
with a Marine tie-in.

"Cinema Combat/Hollywood Goes to War" 1990s documentary/TK .

"Citizen Cohn" (1992/HBO). After an early association with former Marine
Joe McCarthy and the 1950's witch hunt, Roy N.Cohn becomes a flamboyant
defense attorney before his lifestyle catches up with him.

"City of Hope" (1991). A developer's son and his father try to cope with
corruption in a New Jersey city while mourning the loss of a brother/son
in Vietnam. Belatedly, it turns out, he had the choice of going to jail
or to the Marines.

"Class of '44" (1973). Benjie joins the Marines, and Hermie and Oscy go
to college in the sequel to ''Summer of '42."

"Clear and Present Danger" (1994). The third Jack Ryan film from a Tom
Clancy novel. This time, the former Marine is thrust into a more active
role in the intelligence bureaucracy, battling villainous feds as well
as Colombian drug lords.

"The Cockeyed World" (1929). The Raoul Walsh film, a sequel to ''What
Price Glory," sends Capt. Flagg and Sgt.Quirt from Vladivostok to
Nicaragua by way of Coney Island.

"Come On, Leathernecks" (1938)

"Come On, Marines" (1934). Leathernecks test the tropics, or vice versa.

"Coming Home" (1978). A Marine captain goes to Vietnam, and his wife
falls in love with a bitter veteran in a wheelchair (won two Oscars).

"Cover Up" (1984). A photographer spies in Central America with a former
Marine posing as her model (edited from the TV series)

"Cover-Up" (1990)). A Marine colonel fakes his death in a car bomb blast
at a Navy base and then tries to start WW III in the Mideast by
unleashing violent poison gases during public religious ceremony. In a
bizarre twist, two men die from these gases when a poison-gases bag
explodes after a phone recording completes playing of ''The Marines

"Crash Dive" (1943). It's an all-Navy movie, but the opening film
credits list "Tyrone Power/ USMCR." It was his last film before going
off to boot camp.

"Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232" (ABC/1992). United Airlines
Flight 232 crashes July 19, 1989, in Sioux City, Iowa, where residents
are ready to respond. But the plane is landed expertly by pilot and
former Marine Al Haynes (played by Charlton Heston), whose actions
helped save the lives of many of the crew and passengers. Production
later was renamed "A Thousand Heroes."

"Crazylegs" (1953). A fictionalized account of football great and former
Marine Elroy Hirsch, who plays himself.

"Cry Danger'' (1951). A crippled Marine veteran and a pardoned convict
move into a trailer camp near a prison buddy's shady wife.

"The Cuban Love Song" (1931). A Marine falls in love with a peanut
vendor in Cuba and goes back with a buddy after the war to find her.

"Dangerous Evidence: The Lori Jackson Story" (1999). A civil rights
activist champions an accused rapist.

"Deadly Relations" (1993/ABC). The wife of a brutish former Marine stays
with him even after she learns he murdered two of their sons-in-law for
their insurance money.

"The Deadly Tower" (1975). Former Marine Charles Whitman shoots
passersby from a Texas tower 4 August 1966, killing 13 and wounding 33.
Cast includes former Marine Pernell Roberts.

"Dead Presidents!" (1995). A bright young man from the Bronx is tired of
school, enlists in the Marines and is sent to Vietnam. On his return,
the neighborhood has deteriorated and he helps plan a robbery.

"Death Before Dishonor" (1987). A gung-ho Marine sergeant goes in after
a colonel kidnapped by terrorists in the Mideast (TV movie). Leading
character keeps a picture of John Wayne in "Sands of Iwo Jima" on his
wall. Cast includes former Marine Brian Keith.

"Death Tide at Tarawa" (1993/A&E). Documentary recounts the savage WW II
battle in the ''Our Century" series. Hosted by Edward Hermann. Narrator
is Col. Joseph Alexander USMC-ret., with two Navy Cross winners, author
Robert Sherwood and actor Eddie Albert (a Navy salvage officer there)

"Delta Force 2" (1990). A colonel leads Marines on a mission to destroy
an untouchable Latin drug thug's cocaine cartel.

"Demon Store" (N.A.)

"Dempsey" (1983). The story of heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey
includes his celebrated long-count fight with Gene Tunney, the
''Fighting Marine."

"Devil Dogs of the Air" (1935). A Marine flier clashes in San Diego with
a brash stunt pilot from Brooklyn.

"The D.I. " (1957). An emotionally empty drill sergeant tries to whip
his Marine recruits into shape in 12 weeks. One becomes a thorn in his
side. (The plot was used with a different outcome 13 years later in

"Diamonds Are Forever" (1971). Marine helicopters help Agent 007 save
the world from Blofed's space laser, leading the final attack on his
headquarters on an offshore drilling rig.

"Diplomatic Immunity" (1991). A Marine sergeant goes to Paraguay to
avenge his daughter, slain by a passport-protected big shot.

"Dive Bomber" (1941). It's mostly Navy fare, but two young women, tired
of inattention from Errol Flynn and Fred MacMurrary, diitch them for two
young Marines in the uniform of the day -- and the era.

"Dogfight" (1991). Four Marines hold a competition to see who can find
the homeliest date. When one winds up with a plain but shy girl, he gets
more than he bargained for. Based on novel by former Marine Bob Comfort.

"Don't Go Near the Water'' (1957). In brief episodes, a Marine guard
escorts a war correspondent (Eva Gabor) about a heavy cruiser. She also
goes ashore with Marine assault troops in a landing craft.

"Doublecrossed" (1991). A Marine lieutenant colonel holding valuable
information finds himself in the middle as a drug smuggler turns
ill-fated government informer in a Colombian drug-cartel case.

"Down in San Diego" (about 1943). A quickie in which teen-agers foil
spies at a Navy base. Promotion ads feature two Marines in dress blues.

"Dream Wife" (1953). In a brief segment, a macho Marine is one of
several servicemen trying to date a Mideast princess in the romance
comedy during an oil crisis.

"Ed Wood" (1994). Columbia Pictures lined up Johnny Depp, Christian
Slater, Martin Landau and Bill Murray for the movie about the quirky,
cross-dressing, B-movie director and former Marine. But studio put
project into turnaround, meaning other studios could pick it up.

"The End of Camelot" (1993/Discovery). A story of the Kennedy
assassination, which naturally includes former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald.

"Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen" (1942). The famous detective is caught
in a crossfire between Gestapo agents and the Marines in trying to
locate jewelry being smuggled in a mummy case.

"Enemy Mine" (1985). A space pilot and his enemy unite to survive.

"The Enemy Within" (1994). A Marine colonel prevents a coup led by the
Marine commandant

"Escape From the Planet of the Apes" (1973). Marines help recover chimps
Cornelius and Zire from a spaceship that took off in the 40th century,
guard them while civilians ponder the pair's fate, then join the search
once they escape.

"Executive Action" (1973). An imaginative version of the facts behind
the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy by former Marine Lee Harvey
Oswald. Cast includes former Marine Robert Ryan.

"Fatal Deception: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald" (1993/NBC). In 1978, the widow
of former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald tells her story of the 1963
assassination of President Kennedy.

"The FBI Story" (1959). An agent with a worried wife stays 25 years
fighting the Ku Klux Klan, gangsters and Nazi spies but has a Marine son
killed in a Pacific operation during WW II.

"FDR -- The last Year" (1980/TV). Col. James Roosevelt USMCR helps his
father recover from an attack the day before the 1944 Democratic
National Convention in San Diego as a Marine band plays outside the
train car.

"Feds" (1988). Two women a former Marine and a bookworm -- put up with
sexist jokes while training to become FBI agents.

"Fellow Traveler" (1990). The 1950s (Joe) McCarthy witch hunt ruins a
Hollywood star and drives his screenwriter friend to

"A Few Good Men" (1992). A brash, young Navy lawyer and a by-the-book
colleague defend two closemouthed Marines accused of murdering a fellow
Leatherneck known to have "broken the code.".The base commander, who
regards himself as untouchable, tries to stonewall the attorneys.

"55 Days at Peking" (1963). A Marine major and soldiers from 11
countries guard an international compound under siege during Boxer
Rebellion in 1900.

"Fighter Attack" (1953). A biographical tale of Sterling Hayden's last
mission as a Marine in the OSS during WW II in Italy.

"Fighting Devil Dogs." A 1930s serial. Cast includes former Marine Lee

"The Fighting Marine" (1926). A look at boxer Gene Tunney. a WW I

"The Fighting Marines" (1935). A Saturday-matinee serial of ''12
exciting episodes."

"The Fighting Seabees" (1944). Written either by a civilian or a Seabee,
the film credits the Seabees for winning WW II. Marines occasionally are
mentioned or can be spotted in drab uniforms looking like soldiers.

"The Final Countdown'' 1980. A Navy captain is given an opportunity to
alter history by preventing the Jap raid on Pearl Harbor.

"Firefox." Carries a closing Marine credit.

"First Platoon" (1985). A documentary on 32-man Marine platoon during a
NATO exercise in northern Norway.

"First to Fight" (1967). A Guadalcanal Marine hero settles stateside
with his wife, then returns to battle and freezes under fire. Cast
includes former Marines Gene Hackman and Bobby Troup. Filmed at Camp

"Five Ashore in Singapore" (1967). A CIA agent and four Marines find
missing Marines in a frozen state on a mad scientist's floating

"Flash Gordon" (1936). Movie on the hero of the 25th century was based
on the comic strip by former Marine Alex Raymond.

"Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars" (1938).

"Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe" (1940)

"Flash Gordon" (TV/1953-54/syndicated/39 episodes)

"Flash Gordon" (TV/1979). A Saturday morning NBC cartoon series.

"Flash Gordon" (1980/made in Great Britain)

"Flight" (1929). Marine buddies battle in the flying corps (its aerial
sequences ahead of the times). It was shot at MCB San Diego, North
Island NAS and possibly Mexico.AMC restored the film with remarkable
photo quality directed by Frank Capra in 1998. Original publicity said
it was the "first aviation picture with sound."

"Flying Leathernecks" (1951). World War II Marines during aerial combat
gain a new respect for a squadron leader who never lets up. One of John
Wayne's three movies portraying a Marine. Cast includes former Marine
Robert Ryan. Technical adviser was Col. Richard Hughes.

"Flying Misfits" (1976): Marine Maj. Gregory ''Pappy" Boyington leads a
rowdy squadron in the South Pacific. (From ''Baa Baa Black Sheep" TV

"Follow the Fleet" (1936). While the film focuses primarily on the West
Coast Navy, it finds time for an irate ship's Marine detachment to beat
up a contingent of sailors dancing together while taking lessons.

"Follow Your Heart" (1990). A stranded Marine veteran befriends an old
woman, her retarded son and a Vietnamese girl in a desert town.

"A Force in Readiness" (tk). Marine Reservist William Hendricks received
Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award in 1960 for film.

"Four Days in November" (1964). Archival footage recalls the
circumstances of the Nov. 23. 1963. assassination of President Kennedy
by former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald.

"From Headquarters" (1929). The action drama involves a group of
sightseers lost in a Central American jungle.

"Frontline: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?" (1993/PBS). The three-hour
documentary makes perhaps the strongest case yet for the single-gunman
theory in the 1963 presidential assassination. Among the items examined
is The Guidebook for Marines former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald gave to an
anti-Castro leader in New Orleans in 1963.

"Full Metal Jacket" (1987). Stanley Kubrick's drama follows a group of
Marines from basic training to the 1968 Tet offensive. Cast includes
former Marine DI R.Lee Ermey.

"The Gallant Hours" (1960). Marines such as Gen. Vandegrift, Gen. Geiger
and Capt. Joe Foss plus the Marine carrier detachment come and go in the
film biography of Adm.William ''Bull" Halsey, who wears a Marine utility
uniform on occasion.

"The Gang's All Here" (1943). A serviceman is caught between a fiery
entertainer and a Park Avenue socialite in the wartime musical. A
promotion ad features a tough-looking Marine sergeant in dress blues
dancing at a U.S.O. club.

"Getting Even" (1993). A pair of veterans are recruited to track down
the former Marine who betrayed them in Vietnam and who is now an
international drug trafficker and arms dealer.

"The Girls of Pleasure Island" (1953). Marines land on a tropical island
where an Englishman lives with his three daughters.

"The Godfather" (1972), ''The Godfather, Part.II" (1974), ''The
Godfather, Part III" (1990). Michael Corleone, a Marine in WW II and
winner of a Navy Cross, rises through the family hierarchy, becomes a
don, moves operations to Las Vegas and tries to take over the Vatican
bank but enacting a fearful toll of those close to him along the way.

"The Great Impostor" (1960). High-school dropout Ferdinand Waldo Demara
passes as a Marine, as well as a professor, warden, Trappist monk and

"The Great Santini" (1979). A teen-ager finally stands up to his
bullying father, a gung-ho peacetime Marine pilot who runs his family
like a boot camp. Filmed in Beaufort,S.C., area. Also known as ''The

"Guadalcanal Diary" (1943). Battle-weary Marines hit the beach and dig
in on a Jap-held Pacific island in WW II. Taken from Richard Tregaskis'
hot-off-the-wire account. Filmed at Camp Pendleton. The movie was so
popular recruiters set up booths outside theaters. Ace Marion Carl had a
one-line, walk-on part

"Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case" (1975). A striking
performance by actor Walter McMinn as former Marine F.Lee Bailey, the
flamboyant lawyer whose defense in the retrial of Sheppard made him a
courtroom superstar.

"Gung Ho!" (1943). A Marine colonel and his hand-picked men ride a
submarine to raid Jap-held Makin Island in World War II.

"Guts & Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North" (1989/CBS miniseries).
The Marine officer goes from Annapolis to Vietnam to Washington, to the
hot seat of the Iran-Contra scandal.

"A Guy, A Gal and a Pal" (1945). A young woman is undecided about
whether to choose a Marine or a civilian. Guess whom she chooses!

"Hail the Conquering Hero" (1944). A would-be Marine gets a hero's
welcome when he comes home on a medical discharge for hay fever. (See
also "Baby Blue Marine.")

"Halls of Montezuma" (1950). Marines in the South Pacific try to capture
Japs who can tell the location of a rocket base.

"The Happiest Millionaire" (1967). Philadelphian Anthony J.Drexel Biddle
lives with his wife, daughter, pet alligators and performing butler
while he trains Marines in boxing and hand-to-hand combat for WW II,
even battering one Marine lieutenant in a friendly bout. Over-age, he
still receives a commission as a captain. (In his 60s, he still helped
train riflemen at Quantico.) (Also a Broadway play)

"Hard Knox" (1984). A career Marine flyer has the unhappy choice of a
desk job or a military school running amok with young misfits.

"Heartbreak Ridge" (1986). A Marine gunnery sergeant tries to understand
his ex-wife as he whips raw recruits into shape for Grenada. Much of the
film was shot at Camp Pendleton and San Clemente after the Army declined
to get involved. Cast includes former Marine Bo Svenson.

"Heaven and Earth" (1993). Ad proclaims it as the ''third film in an
extraordinary trilogy" by Oliver Stone, "from Vietnam to America, one
woman's journey from hope, to love, to discovery." The ad shows a Marine
in greens.

"Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison" (1957). A Marine and a nun are stranded on a
Jap-held South Pacific island during WW II.

"Hell in the Pacific" (1968). Two men -- one American, one Japanese --
confront each other on a deserted Pacific island. Cast includes former
Marine Lee Marvin.

"Hell to Eternity" (1960). A Marine raised by Japanese foster parents
gets rowdy with his buddies and becomes a hero on Saipan. (Navy Cross
winner Guy Gabaldon killed 33 Japs, captured over 1,000).

"Here Come the Marines" (1952). A "Bowery Boys"-type film about the

"High Crimes" (2002). A successful San Francisco trial lawyer is stunned
to learn that her adoring husband (a soulful but rather large and
violent puppy) was once part of a Marine detail that massacred nine
civilians in a tiny El Salvador hamlet.

"Highway Dragnet" (1954). A former Marine accused of murder hitches a
ride with a photographer and her model.

"Hold Back the Night" (1956). An entertaining tale of a Korean War
officer who recounts facts about a bottle of liquor he always has with

"Hostages" (1993/HBO). A made-for-TV movie takes an uncompromising
detailed and chilling look at lives in limbo, including former Marine
Terry Anderson, an AP newsman held hostage in the Mideast.

"Hot Pepper" (1933). Capt. Flagg and Sgt.Quirt, now civilians, fight
over a South American singer.

"The Human Shield" (1992). Lively if improbable action-adventure set
against the Persian Gulf War in which a former Marine instructor,
banished from Iraq in 1985, over his protest of the treatment of Kurds,
must now return to rescue his kidnapped brother.

"The Hunt for Red October" (1990). Moscow, Washington and a former
Marine now a CIA analyst track a renegade Soviet captain and his new and
silent submarine in the North Atlantic. Cast includes former Marine
Scott Glenn. The first Jack Ryan film from a Tom Clancy novel.

"Hurricane" (1979). Several Marine NCOs are caught in the middle of a
1920 native uprising in the South Pacific.

"I Never Sang for My Father" (1972). A former Marine who is a
middle-aged college professor loses his mother and reaches out to his
bitter father. Cast includes former Marine Gene Hackman.

"Iceland" (1942). A Marine makes a pass at a local beauty only to find
out this is the equivalent of a marriage proposal.

"Ice Station Zebra" (1968). A detachment of Marines helps a
U.S.submarine commander race the Soviets to a North Pole weather station
to recover a Soviet spy satellite. Cast includes former Marine Gerald

"If I Had a Million" (1932). Episodes by eight directors show a juggler,
a clerk, a Marine and others given $1 million.

"In Harm's Way" (1965). While two Navy officers fight guilt and the Japs
in WW II, paramarines go about their job with Marine-like efficiency.

"In Love and War" (1958). A patriot, a coward and an intellectual fight
as Marines in the WW II Pacific. Cast includes former Marine Brad

"In the Mood" (1987). Actual story of the Woo Woo Kid, 14, who in 1940s
eloped with a 21-year mother of two. Shortly thereafter, he eloped with
the wife of a Marine.

"Inchon" (1982). Korean War film produced by the Rev. Sung Myung Moon's
Unification Church.

"Independence Day" (7-4-96). A Marine captain battles Earth-invading

"Indio 2: The Revolt" (1990). A Marine is determined to stop the
slaughter of Amazon aborigines.

"Insignificance" (1985). Archtypes of Albert Einstein. Marilyn Monroe,
Joe DiMaggio and U.S. Sen. Joe McCarthy. a former Marine, meet one 1950s

"Instant Justice" (1985) (originally entitled ''Marine Issue"). A Marine
leaves his Paris post and teams up with a prostitute to avenge his
sister's death in Madrid.

"Island of Desire" (1952). A nurse, a Marine and a British pilot are
marooned on an island.

"JAG" (1996 NBC). In one episode, a lieutenant commander must track a
Marine who snaps and goes AWOL after learning his next assignment is
Bosnia. The Marine, a sharpshooter who has killed 163 men, leads the
officer on a chase through the forest, capturing him before he targets
other Marines in the area. & Throughout the series, a co-star is a Woman
Marine lawyer plus other Marines, depending on the circumstances.

"JFK" (1991). Oliver Stone presents his controversial. three-hour
version of history and the assassination of President Kennedy by former
Marine Lee Harvey Oswald. Former Marine Dale Dye was a technical

"The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes" (1992). Clips, reports
and testimony suggest a conspiracy theory and cover-up.

"The John Gary Show" (1966/CBS). The former Marine singer hosts a
musical variety show.

"Johnny Cash Presents the Everly Brothers Show" (1970/ABC). (The Everlys
were Marines.)

"Join the Marines" (1937). A N.Y. cop is wrongfully dismissed from the
I936 Olympic boxing team. To win approval of a prospective
father-in-law, a Marine officer, he joins the Corps and rises through
the rants and, naturally, wins the girl.

"Kid From Cleveland" (1949). After winning the 1948 World Series, the
Indians head for spring training. Owner and former Marine Bill Veeck
appears from time to time. The batboy s father, a Marine, was killed (or
wounded) in the Pacific. Other former Marines appear.

"Killing Streets" (1991). The twin brother of a supposedly dead Marine
captain goes to Beirut to see for himself.

"Kill Zone" (1985). A Marine veteran and his buddy are hunted by a mad
colonel's platoon.

"The Last P.O.W? The Debby Garwood Story" (1993/ABC). An American
officer teaches a Marine captured in Vietnam how to survive in enemy
hands. Garwood, captured in 1965 but not returned until 1979, then faces
charges of collaboration.

"The Last Warrior" (1989). When the Japs land on a South Pacific island
in WW II, a renegade Marine battles them alone.

"Law and Disorder" (1974). A New York cabbie and a Marine-veteran
hairdresser form an auxiliary police force.

"The Leatherneck" (1929). A young Marine, stationed near the Manchurian
border, is accused of murder.

"Leathernecking" (1930). A Honolulu socialite falls for a Marine but
grows cool when she discovers he is a private and not an officer as he

"The Leathernecks Have Landed" (1936). A cashiered Marine and his
buddies beat up bad guys in Shanghai.

"Lebanon: A Return to the Lion s Den" (1996/CNN). Former hostage and
former Marine Terry Anderson returns to Lebanon.

"Les Marines" (late '30s). A French film that won firsts at the Venice
Film Festival and from the French Film Academy

"Let It Rain" (1927). A seven-reel silent film asks the age-old
question: Will a young woman pick a sailor or a Marine? The answer is

"MacArthur" (1977). An Army film that occasionally shows some WW II and
Korean War Marines.

"Made for Each Other" (N.A.). Cast includes former Marine Joe Bologna.

"Magnum P.I." (TK/CBS). Two of three principal characters are former
Marines, leading to periodic flashbacks to the Vietnam War. In addition,
the Hawaii-based TV series from time to time involves a Marine colonel
intelligence officer and other Marines. Written by former Marine Donald

"Major Payne" (1995). A hard-nosed former Marine takes command of
pint-sized cadets.

"Manhunter" (1974). Upon returning from duty in China. a former Marine
sets out after a gang of murderers and bank robbers. (Pilot for TV

"Man on the Outside" (1975). A retired police captain hunts his son's
killers with little help from a former Marine police official.

"Mantrap" (1961). An honest man is lured by an old Marine friend into a
hijack attempt that leads to the death of his wife.

"March On, Marines" (1940). Film depicts the Marine Corps as the
''nation's first arm of defense in any emergency."

"Maria's Lover" (1984). A Marine returns to a Pa. mining town from a WW
II Jap POW camp and has trouble adjusting.

"Marine Battleground" (1966). A Korean nurse relates her story to a
reporter (former Marine Jock Mahoney) in a series of flashbacks. She
lost her mother during the fighting at Inchon and was adopted by the

"Marine Raiders" (1944). A Marine major looks out for his captain on
Guadalcanal and in Australia. Some of the film was shot at MCB San Diego
and Camp Elliott. Cast includes future Marine Robert Ryan.

"The Marines Are Coming" (1935). A lieutenant is a ''regular devil with
women" but is forced out of the Corps for gambling. He re-enlists as a
private and becomes a hero.

"The Marines Are Here" (1938). The low-budget action film finds a Marine
seeing the error of his ways and helping other Leathernecks capture a
gang of bandits.

"The Marines Come Through" (1943). Marines help thwart a Nazi plot to
steal plans for a classified bombsight.

"The Marines Fly High" (1940). Two Marine pilots lead the search for a
bandit in Central America.

"Marines, Let's Go" (1961). Four Marines go on leave in Japan, paint the
town red, then head back to combat in Korea. Directed by Raoul Walsh.

"The Marine Who Lived 300 Years" (about 1930). Not much available.
except that it involved the heralded GySgt. Leland ''Lou" Diamond.

"Marinettes" (1934). A look at Women Marines in WW I.

"Marked for Murder" (1993/NBC). A former Marine ex-convict with a Purple
Heart from Vietnam fights crime with the Philadelphia police under a new
program from the Justice Department..

"Mastergate" (1992/HBO). James Coburn plays an Oliver North-like figure
in a satire focusing on a fictional Senate hearing on allegedly illegal
shipments of weapons to South America.

"A Matter of Justice" (1993/NBC miniseries). The mother of a slain
Marine tries to find her son's killer and gain custody of her only

"A Message to Garcia" (1935). A Marine deserter (played by Wallace
Beery) dies a hero's death in the final scene from the Spanish-American
War era.

"Miss Sadie Thompson" (1953). A shady woman from San Francisco joins
Marines and a moral reformer in the Pacific. Originally 3-D. A remake of
"Rain" (1931) and ''Sadie Thompson," a 1928 silent).

"Mission of the Shark" (1991). Marines serve on the USS Indianapolis in
a top-secret 1945 mission to Guam and some, including a captain, die
after the ship is torpedoed and they struggle to survive for five days
amid sharks in the lonely Pacific.

"Moment of Truth: To Walk Again" (1994/NBC). Parents fight to get proper
care for their son, a Marine paralyzed by a bullet during training.

"Monkey on My Back" (1957). A film on boxer and war hero Barney Ross and
his becoming a dope addict.

"Moran of the Marines" (1928). The exploits of Moran as a mountie, a
sailor, etc.

"Most Wanted" (N.A.)

"My Marine" (1925). A play and movie about Capt. Jinks of the Horse

"My Posse Don't Do Homework" (1994). Taken from an acclaimed book.
Real-life film finds Michelle Pfeifer portraying Lou Anne Johnson, a
former Marine single mother from Texas who takes on job of teaching
problem high-schoolers in a mostly black and Hispanic Palo Alto (Cal.)
school. Later renamed "Dangerous Minds."

"Near Mrs." (1991). Two wives and a girlfriend show up after Soviets
kidnap a Marine posing as his bigamist boss in Paris.

"Never Say Die" (1995). A former Marine hunts the commander who left him
for dead.

"1941" (1979). Obviously based on fiction because sailors and even a
woman beat up on Marines as the Jap attack in Pearl Harbor causes mass
panic in California.

"1969" (1988). Two anti-war college buddies hitchhike home, offend
people and hit the road in a van for kicks while a brother of one is a
Marine missing in Vietnam.

"The Ninth Configuration" (1980).

"No Escape" (1994). A Marine captain assassinates his CO in the first
scene, is dispatched to a maximum-security prison and, still bucking
authorities, is dumped by the don't-mess-with-me warden into the
ultimate prison -- a jungle peninsula 300 miles from civilization.

"No Leave, No Love" (1946). A radio singer stalls a Marine hero just
back from the Pacific with his buddy. They are loose in the big city,
with plenty of money thanks to a radio appearance.

"None But the Brave" (1965). World War II Marines abide by an uneasy
truce with Jap soldiers on a small Pacific island.

"Norwood" (1970). A former Marine hits the road for a series of
unrelated adventures with a service buddy, a midget, a Greenwich Village
girl, a shiftless brother-in-law, a dancing chicken and a young girl.

"November 22, 1963: Where Were You?" (1993/TNT). Politicians and
celebrities, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, tell Larry King about
their memories of the assassination.

"Nowhere to Hide" (1987). Military-industrial thugs kill a Marine to
keep him quiet; his former Marine wife fights back.

"The Nun and the Sergeant" (l962). In Korea, a tough sergeant commanding
a ''Dirty Dozen" mission is joined by a schoolgirl and a nun. Cast
includes former Marine Robert Webber.

"An Officer And a Gentleman" (1982). The cocky son of a career non-com
enters naval aviation officer-candidate school and shapes up for a
Marine drill sergeant and a factory girl from town.

"One Kill" 2000.

"Only the Strong" (1993). A former Marine returns to his Miami
neighborhood to battle drug dealers and divert delinquent students who
attend his former school from a life of crime by teaching a Brazilian
martial art.

"Operation Petticoat" (1959). A Marine who gets out of the brig when it
is bombed by the Japs acts as a supply sergeant for a pink submarine
patrolling the South Pacific with five nurses aboard. Cast includes
former Marine Nicky Blair.

"Operation Secret" (1953). A Marine hero's work with the French
underground is revealed in a murder inquiry after the war. Based on OSS
feats of late Lt. Col. Peter J.Ortiz. "13 Rue Madeleine" (1947) and
''Operation Secret" (1952) also are based on exploits of Marine Peter J.
Ortiz, an OSS-type operative in Europe.

"The Outsider" (1961). Arizona Indian Ira Hayes' life is a tragedy after
he joins the Marines and helps raise the flag at Iwo Jima. (Former
Marine Lee Marvin played Hayes in a TV special ''The American.")

"Out to Sea" (tk). A former Marine becomes a dance host on a luxury

"Parachute Jumper" (1932). A Marine pilot, his buddy and their
girlfriend go to work for a gangster.

"Paramount on Parade" (1930). Songstress Ruth Chatterton sings "My
Marine," underscoring her loneliness for a Marine who took off without
telling her how she could reach him.

"Patriot Games" (1992). A former Marine and former CIA agent now a Naval
Academy instructor is in London on vacation when IRA terrorists try to
carry out a dastardly plot. He foils them, but they don't forget. The
second Jack Ryan film from a Tom Clancy novel.

"Pearl of the South Pacific" (1955).

"Perfect Crime" (1997). A military intelligence officer nails a Marine
for murder.

"Perry Mason: Case of the Desperate Deception" (I990/TV). Lawyer Mason
defends an embassy Marine captain, accused in a court-martial of killing
a Nazi war criminal in Paris.

"The Philadelphia Experiment" (1985). A Navy time-warp tale in which a
Marine security force regularly appears.

"Pin Up Girl" (1944). Marines. soldiers and sailors form the backdrop as
a Missouri stenographer poses as a Broadway star, being "engaged" to WW
II servicemen including a Marine -- along the way.

"Present Arms" (1928).

"Pride of the Marines" (1945). Navy Cross winner Albert Schmid, credited
with killing as many as 300 Japs, is blinded in a grenade attack on
Guadalcanal. John Garfield plays Schmid, who comes home unsure about his
wife and future.

"The Princess and the Marine" (TV) 2000

"Professional Soldier" (1935). Victor McLaglen is hired to kidnap a
young king; in the final scene McLaglen, in dress blues, receives a
medal to the strains of ''The Marines Hymn"

"The Promise of Love" (1980). An 18-year-old newlywed meets another man
after her Marine husband is killed in Vietnam. "The Proud and Profane"
(1956). A war-widowed Red Cross worker becomes pregnant by a Marine
colonel in the South Pacific during WW II. Based on the book, ''The
Magnificent Bastards." Technical adviser was Lt. Col. (later Gen.) John

"Proudly We Serve" (1944). Plot N.A., but some of film was shot at El
Toro; personnel from the air station also assisted at Hollywood studios.

"Purple Hearts" (1984). A tale of a Navy doctor.with the Marines in
Vietnam. Cast includes former Marine DI R.Lee Ermey.

"Race Against the Harvest" (1957). With the same military bearing he
used to fight the Chicomms in Korea, a wiped-out Kansas farmer tries to
harvest wheat with old equipment and inexperienced workers.

"Racing with the Moon" (1984). Two young men find love and hop freight
trains for kicks while waiting to join the Marines in 1942 California.

"Rain" (1931), with Joan Crawford. A shady woman from San Francisco
mingles with Marines and a moral reformer in prewar Pago Pago. (See also
''Miss Sadie Thompson" and ''Sadie Thompson.")

"Rebel" (1985). An angry young Marine sergeant goes absent without leave
with a married cabaret singer in World War II Sydney, Australia.

"Retreat, Hell!" (1952). Occasional grim action enlivens a Korean War
tale. Screenwriter is former Marine Milton Sperling.

"The Right Stuff" (1983). A film about the American space program and
former Marine John Glenn from Tom Wolfe's best-seller.

"Rocky III" (1982). A Marine band and a Marine color guard escort the
boxer into the ring.

"Ruby" (1992). In the wake of JFK, the film looks at Jack Ruby: Who was
he, where did he come from, what was his story, why did he shoot former
Marine Lee Harvey Oswald?

"Ruby and Oswald (1978). It re-creates events leading to the
assassination of President Kennedy and the killing of former Marine Lee
Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby. Cast includes former Marine Brian Dennehy.

"Rules of Engagement" (2000). The opening scenes are in Vietnam, but the
film focuses on a raid on the U.S.Embassy in Yemen and a Marine colonel
orders his troops to fire on the (armed) crowd. A court-martial follows.
Dale Dye is film s technical adviser and plays a major general.
Screenplay is by former Marine officer and Secretary of the Navy James
Webb. A few scenes were shot at Lejeune, many of them in Morocco.
Estimated ticket sales first weekend were $15.3 mill, bumping "Erin
Brockovich" into second place.

"A Rumor of War" (1980 TV miniseries). An idealistic college student
becomes a Marine who eventually feces a court-martial for atrocities
committed in Vietnam. Based on the book by former Marine Philip Caputo.
Cast includes former Marines Brad Davis and Brian Dennehy.

"The Runner" (1992). A Marine must retrieve stolen nukes from a
terrorist group.

"Running Brave" (1983). Sioux Indian Billy Mills leaves the reservation
for college, excels in track, becomes a Marine officer and wins a gold
medal in the 1964 Olympics at Tokyo.

"Sadie Thompson" (1928 silent), with Gloria Swanson. A shady woman from
San Francisco mingles with Marines and a moral reformer in prewar Pago
Pago. The final reel was restored in 1987 and the movie played in L.A.
Raoul Walsh was director and co-star. (See also ''Miss Sadie Thompson"
and ''Rain.")

"Salute to the Marines" (1943). A sergeant major reluctantly retires
only to find himself caught in the Jap attack on the Philippines. Cast
includes former Marine Bill Lundigan.

"Sam Peckinpah: Man of Iron" (1993/A&E). Paul Joyce directs a film that
interviews Hollywood people who appreciated the former Marine's gifts as
a man and filmmaker but were not blind to his capacity for
self-destruction and paranoia.

"Sands of Iwo Jima" (1949). In what generally is considered the genre
Marine film, Sgt. Stryker (John Wayne) whips a colonel's son and raw
recruits into shape to meet the enemy in World War II. (There was.
indeed a Sgt.Stryker, who unsuccessfully sued Republic Pictures for
invasion of privacy.) The film was shot at Camp Pendleton. Technical
adviser was Maj.Len Fribourg (later a general).

"Saturday Island" (1951). In 1943, a supply boat is torpedoed and a
Canadian nurse finds romance on a desert island with a U.S. Marine and a
one-armed RAF pilot.

"Sayonara" (1957). James Garner, in possibly his only Marine role, plays
an aviator captain who is a friend to an Army major risking his career
because of his love for a Jap dancer.

"Search and Rescue" (1994/NBC). Townspeople and a former Marine
helicopter pilot form a volunteer rescue unit in the Sierras of

"Semper Fi" (1990/Fox). It was a documentary on the short-lived
"American Chronicles" series.

"Seven Days in May" (1964). A Marine colonel in his role as a
presidential aide helps uncover a scheme to overthrow the U.S.government
and set up a military junta. (An updated version: ''The Enemy Within"
(1994/HBO) ). An officer with the Joint Chiefs of Staff suspects a plot
by his boss to oust the President.)

"Shadow In the Sky" (1951). A shell-shocked Marine moves from a
psychiatric hospital to live with his sister. Cast includes former
Marine James Whitmore.

"The Siege of Firebase Gloria" (1989). Marines hold an outpost during
the 1968 Tet offensive. Cast includes former Marine DI R.Lee Ermey.

"The Singing Marine" (1937). The top prize in an amateur talent contest
turns a shy Marine recruit into a widely respected officer. But the
bashful Arkansan bursts into song at the least provocation, wearing
dress blues all the time.

"SnakeEater" (1989). A tough former Marine turns cop.

"SnakeEater II" (N.A.)

"Sniper" (1993). A veteran Marine sniper and his new partner embark on a
mission in the jungles of Central America. There, their mutual distrust
makes them as dangerous to each other as to the enemy.

"So Proudly We Hail" (1943). A Marine fights for his country and his
life in the Philippines while wooing an Army nurse.

"Soldier Boyz" (1995). A former Marine and six young toughs mount a
rescue mission.

"Somewhere in the Night" (1946). An amnesiac Marine and a nightclub
singer find clues to his past: missing loot and a private eye. Cast
includes former Marines John Kellogg and John Russell.

"South Pacific" (1958). A Marine lieutenant finds the love of a native
girl before sailing off to set up an outpost on a nearby island. Based
on Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1948 Broadway hit and James Michener's
best-seller ''Tales of the South Pacific"

"South Pacific" (ABC-TV) 2001

"South Sea Paradise" (1953). A comedy about the 4th Marines in early WW

"South Sea Woman" (1953). Two roughneck Marines (Burt Lancaster and
Chuck Connors) compete for the attentions of a vivacious female and,
coincidentally, sink a Jap destroyer and disrupt a landing fleet.

"Space: Above and Beyond" (1995/Fox series). The science-fiction film
portrays green Marine fighter pilots engaged in a war with an alien race
in year 2063.

"Space Marines" (1996). A 21st-century ambassador is ambushed and taken

"Special Delivery" (1976).

"Star Spangled Banner" (1917). A Marine officer abroad on leave during
peacetime marries the widow of an American who has lived most of her
life in England.

"Stars and Stripes Forever" (1952). Marine bandleader John Philip Sousa
abandons his dream of writing ballads to become a renowned maestro and
composer of stirring marches.

"The Steel Claw" (1961). A Marine captain loses a hand, forges a hook
and joins Filipino guerrillas against the Japs.

"Steele Justice" (TK). A Marine takes on Vietnamese mobsters who killed
his buddy.

"Step by Step" (1946). Spies, the police and the FBI chase a Marine
veteran and a senator's secretary.

"Tail Gunner Joe" (1977/NBC). Journalists track the rise and fall of
Sen. Joseph McCarthy, a former Marine, and his l950s Communist witch

"Tarawa Beachhead" (1958). A Marine sergeant falls in love with the
widow of a comrade shot in combat by their lieutenant.

"Taxi Driver" (1976). A loner former Marine and New York cabbie, armed
and dangerous, shoots a pimp, symbolic of urban corruption.

"Tell It to The Marines" (l926 silent). A Marine sergeant turns out to
be a hard-boiled egg. He turned a playboy into a Marine, and they vie
for the affections of a lovely nurse. But all three wind up in a bloody
battle with a Chinese warlord. Some scenes shot at MCB San Diego. Based
on play co-authored by former Marine Laurence Stallings.

"Terror in Beverly Hills" (1987). A Marine hero must rescue the
president's kidnapped daughter from a terrorist he knows well.

"Thanks of a Grateful Nation" (1998/HBO). Gulf War vets, especially 11th
Marines personnel, return home with a mysterious malady.

"Them!" (1954). A Marine regiment from Camp Pendleton is called in to
help destroy in the L.A. storm-sewer system giant mutant ants that
threaten the world. Cast of the cult classic includes former Marine
James Whitmore.

"They All Kissed the Bride" (1942). A Marine courts a ruthless
businesswoman who takes over her father's trucking firm.

"They Get Me Covered" (1943). A Marine is the boyfriend of a principal
in the Hope-Lamour tale of a Washington newspaper reporter uncovering a
spy ring.

"Three Days of the Condor" (1973). Posing as a mailman, a former Marine
NCO, hired by the ''Company" operating sub-rosa within the CIA, tries to
kill a CIA bookworm who accidentally stumbles on plans for the U.S. to
control world oil supplies. Marine guards also supply security for CIA

"Three Sailors And a Girl" (1953). Marines chip in and help out three
guys and a leading lady in a Broadway show bankrolled by the sailors'
submarine buddies.

"Till the End of Time" (1946). Three Marines return from World War II to
civilian life; one (Guy Madison) loves a war widow; another (Robert
Mitchum) drinks in pain; the third (Bill Williams) won't use his
artificial legs.

"Timecop" (1994). A time-traveling police officer tackles a corrupt
senator with the blessing of his former Marine boss, who dies to save

"Today's FBI" (1981-82/ABC)

"Tom" (1973-74/ABC)

"To Please a Lady" (1950). A former Marine auto racer fights and flirts
with a national newswoman who condemns his driving.

"To the Shores of Hell" (1966). A Marine major enters enemy-held
territory to rescue his brother, a doctor who is held by the Viet Cong.

"To the Shores of Tripoli" (1942). An arrogant playboy joins the
Marines, woos a nurse, clashes with his sergeant and finally shapes up.
Produced by Milton Sperling, who later joined up. Was filmed at MCB San

"Torpedo of Doom" (1939). Marines undergo innumerable obstacles to
subdue a world-hungry scientist. It was re-edited as ''Fighting Devil
Dogs" for a movie serial.

"The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald" (1977). A dramatization of what might
have happened if the former Marine arrested for assassinating President
Kennedy had lived.

"Tribes" (1970). A drill instructor tries to turn a stubborn hippie into
a Marine. Filmed at MCRD San Diego.

"Tripoli" (1950). A French countess joins a Marine officer and a Greek
mercenary fighting pirates in circa-1800 Libya.

"True Blood" (1989). A grimly vacuous Lower East Side shoot-up, where
two brothers – one a returning Marine with decorations (Grenada?) --
separated 10 years find true love, brotherhood and blood. in no special

"True Lies" (1994). A man who lives the double life of a spy and a
family man calls on the Marines for help.

"20 Million Miles to Earth" (1957). Marine helicopters and personnel
help repel, momentarily, a.slimy creature from Venus.

"Two Tickets to Broadway" (1951). An unknown singer gets his
girlfriend's quartet on bandleader and former Marine Bob Crosby's live
TV show.

"The Unbeliever" (1918; filmed at Quantico) A young American aristocrat
loses class and racial prejudices and finds his faith in God on

"Uncommon Valor" (1983). A colonel with a sponsor leads five Marine
veterans into Laos to find his son and others missing in action. Cast
includes former Marine Gene Hackman.

"Under Siege" (1992). Several Marines of the ship's complement are
killed and the others are forced into a flooded compartment as two
military madmen hijack the Missouri, a nuclear-armed battleship.

"Until They Sail" (1957). A war widow with three lonely sisters loves a
Marine captain in WW IIl New Zealand.

"U.S. Marine Band" (1949/NBC).

"U.S. Marshals" (1998). An escaped prisoner, a former Marine, is tied to
the shooting deaths of two government agents.

"The Very Thought of You" (1944).

"Wake Island" (1942). Courageous Marines struggle to maintain control of
a strategic island as long as they can during the early days of WW II.
After filming, several cast and production members, including actor
Macdonald Carey, joined the Marines.

"The Walking Dead" (1995). The Vietnam experience is viewed from an
African-American perspective as Marines must evacuate survivors from a
Viet Cong POW camp.

"The War Room" (1993). An inside look at Bill Clinton's 1992
presidential campaign, focusing on former Marine/strategist James
Carville and his cohorts.

"The War of the Worlds" (1953). Ground troops from El Toro try and repel
an invasion of Martians and their warships, which are toasting
everything in sight with heat rays.

"Watchers II" (1990). A Marine and a researcher help lab runaways: the
gilly Outsider and a dog called Einstein.

"A WAVE, a WAC, a Marine" (1944). There's little Marine-related in the
film other than the title as a Hollywood agent is sent east to sign two
stars about to close a Broadway show, naturally entitled ''A WAVE, a
WAC, a Marine."

"We the Marines" (1942). How men become Marines, their training and the
spirit and efficiency with which they fight (''March of Time"

"What Price Glory?" (1926). A Raoul Walsh-directed film highlights the
boisterous rivalry between Capt. Flagg (Victor McLaglen) and Sgt. Quirt
(Edmund Lowe) in the trenches and night spots of France. Clark Gable, of
all people, plays a Marine. (John Ford directed a 1952 remake with Jimmy
Cagney and Dan Dailey.)

"When America Trembled Murrow-McCarthy" (1994/CBS). The documentary
examines the famous CBS broadcasts in which journalist Edward R.Murrow
took on former Marine/Sen. Joseph McCarthy, R-Wis., in the '50s.
Includes clips from Murrow's "See It Now" programs. Former Marine Dan
Rather is the anchor.

"Who Didn't Kill JFK" (3-Q Home Video)

"Who Killed JFK? The Final Chapter" (1993/CBS). The network's sixth
investigation goes over the evidence against former Marine Lee Harvey

"Who'll Stop the Rain?" (1978). The action drama focuses on a couple on
the lam in the backwash of the Vietnam War. A former Marine whose friend
has smuggled heroin into the U.S. protects, and then falls in love with,
his wife.

"Wild at Heart" (1990). During the chase of an Elvis fan and his
hot-blooded girlfriend. the letters ''USMC" show on the wrist of a
sleazebag from Big Tuna, Texas, at inopportune and criminal times.

"The Wind and the Lion" (1975). President Theodore Roosevelt sends the
Marines after an Arab chieftain who abducted an American widow and her
children. Cast includes former Marine Brian Keith.

"Windtalkers" (2002). Navajo Code Talkers befuddle Jap cryptographers
during WW II.

"Witch-hunt" (1994). Movie is supposedly based on events at MCRD Parris
Island in late 80s when two enlisted women were
drummed out of service. Producer Brenda Feigen acquired rights to Joanne
Parrent's script.

"With the Marines at Tarawa" (1944). Received Oscar for short subject.

"Without Mercy" (1996). An exiled Marine takes on a Third World drug

"Without Reservations" (1946). Two Marines hop a train to the West Coast
and meet a writer looking for the right man to star in a movie based on
her book. It was the first of John Wayne's three Marine movies.

"Women of All Nations" (1931). Another Raoul Walsh film finds Capt.
Flagg and Sgt. Quirt in Panama, Sweden and Turkey as well as WW I.
Humphrey Bogart, of all people, plays a Marine.

"A Yank in Vietnam" (1964). A low-budget film set in Saigon with a
Marine attempting to help the South Vietnamese. Became
"Year of the Tiger" on TV.

"Year of the Dragon" (1985). A Polish-American former Marine police
captain topples an upstart crime lord in New York's

"Yellow Jack" (1938). Drama. Starring George Montgomery, Lewis Stone,
Buddy Ebsen.

"You Can't Fool a Marine" (1943).

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