"Soldiers" Of Parris Island

"Soldiers" Of Parris Island

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"In 1928 the period of the training was reduced to seven weeks, divided
into two phases. The first phase, lasting three weeks, included the basic
instruction necessary to convert civilians into soldiers, plus an innovation.
This was an interview of each recruit by a selection clerk, who recorded the
recruit's qualifications of education and experience. In embryo form, this
procedure anticipated the specialty classification which was later to become
indispensable as the complexity of paperwork increased and the material of war
became even more technical and complicated. The four-week second phase was
spent on the rifle range.<26>"

Marine Corps Historical Reference Series No. 8, A Brief History of MCRD, Parris Island, SC, 1891-1962
http://www.maxwell.af.mil/au/awc/awcgat ... parris.txt

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