Ribbon Creek

Ribbon Creek

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Gunny G,

I have a question about stories told to us by our DIs, CCs, DSs, ect. (Every branch has their own version.)

I had told you about my great uncle Vinson previously. My girlfriend at the time(a Cpl. Sonya Lomen)mentioned a story to him that she heard her DI tell her platoon and wanted to know what he knew about it.

She mentioned a story told to her about the "White Elephant Barracks" at P.I. (They were off of the road leading to the rifle range when I was stationed in Beaufort from 1999-2002.)

Are the "White Elephant Barracks" and the "Ribbon Creek Incedent" one in the same?

Vinson told her that he was going through boot camp at the same time that the Ribbon Creek Incedent occured.



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