Response To My Query re Korean War Marines USMCR w/o Boot Camp

Response To My Query re Korean War Marines USMCR w/o Boot Camp

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Subject: 2 Korean War Project From James W. Landis
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From: James W. Landis
Subject: Marines attending boot camp after serving for awhile.

I was in platoon #192 at MCRD, San Diego from late June through early September, 1951. While standing in formation outside the (only) chow hall, we often saw lots of older looking men standing in formation waiting for everyone in his platoon to exit the messhall.

When we had graduated and were trying on our class A uniforms in early September, I noticed some of us 'Privates' were putting on uniforms with higher rankings; a few corporals and one with three stripes and a rocker! I asked him about his rank, and he told me that the Corps had decreed that never again would Marines be sent into combat without having gone through basic training--and that ALL Marines who had not gone through basic training, even those who had been called up from the reserves and sent into combat after June 25, 1950, would have to attend bootcamp. It seems that the USMCR had filled its ranks with volunteers who had never seen active duty, and a lot of them had joined the reserves for the day's pay they received for each drill night--and hadn't anticipated a war so soon after WWII.

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