Request/Info: The Iwo Jima USMC Memorial Assn., Inc.

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Request: The Iwo Jima USMC Memorial Assn., Inc.

The following from this morning's GyG'sMailbag, from Doc Fornoff....

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Tue, 17 Sep 2002 18:07:03 EDT

Aloha Gunny,
Please help us get the word out in helping to raise the funds
needed in
building our Memorial here.

Thanks much and more.
Ray "Doc" Fornof

The Iwo Jima USMC Memorial Association, Inc.
The First Foreign Flag Ever Raised On Japan's Homeland
And Signaled The Defeat Of The Japanese Empire.
P.O. Box 4783, Hilo, HI 96720-0783

We ask for your assistance in helping us establish a
Memorial on the
Island of Hawai'i. This, in recognition and to Honor those Brave
Unsung Heroes, that raised the First Foreign Flag there at Mt.
Suribachi, in
Iwo Jima, on 23 February, 1945.
There exists several Memorials of those Raising the Larger
Replacement Flag
there on Mount Suribachi some Four Hours after the small First
Flag was
Much tribute, was and always has been, expressed to those that
raised the
larger and a replacement Flag there. However, there exists no
real Memorial
of those in the Assault Squad of 1st Lt. Harold Schrier that
raised our First
American Flag there.
This being the First Foreign Flag ever to be raised on the Japan
that boosted everyone's moral and signaled the eventual defeat
of that Great
Japanese Empire.
It is the efforts of The Iwo Jima USMC Memorial Association,
Inc. to have
a life sized sculpture of that First Flag having been raised.
This Flag was
raised by 1st Lt. Harold G. Schrier, the EXO, Platoon Sgt.
Ernest "Boots"
Thomas and Sgt. Henry O. Hansen. These three Marines were the
ones that
actually raised the piece of old water pipe with our American
Flag attached
to it, and fluttering in the strong breezes blowing atop Mt.
Suribachi. Then
with Pfc. Raymond Jacobs, the Radioman, and Cpl. Charles
Lindberg standing
there and ready to assist in securing the pole into the ground
after it had
been raised. Pfc. James Michels is seen sitting there, with his
Carbine at
the ready, in his guarding against any of the Japanese enemies
opposition to
their mission.
There is however another person that is seen there at the
base of the
pole and as yet has not been identified and verified. It is our
hope to be
able and resolve this persons identity prior to the completion
of our mission
to have this Memorial completed.
It is our wishes to have this Iwo Jima USMC Memorial placed
at what was
the old Front Gates of the USMC Camp Tarawa location in
Kamuela, on the
Island of Hawai'i.
This is where many our Marines trained at prior, to the invasion
of Iwo Jima,
Japan and returned to in their being readied for the invasion of
Japan proper.
Our Memorial Association is Incorporated and recognized by
our Internal
Revenue Service 501 (c) 3, Non Profit Tax Status to qualify all
donations as
Tax Deductions.

Gratefully and "Semper Fi",

Marcia E. Hemming
Secretary / Treasurer
Iwo Jima USMC Memorial Association, Inc.
P. O. Box 4783
Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii
HI 96720-0783

Semper Fidelis
R.W. "Dick" Gaines
GySgt USMC (Ret.)
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