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From: Gordon Rottman <Rottmagl@Sbcglobal.Net>
Date: 9/6/07
Subject: Japanese marine song?

>A US Marine veteran recently presented us with a
World War II era
>Japanese flag that he had acquired on Iwo Jima.
The flag is printed
>on one side with Japanese. I brought it to a
nearby university for
>translation, and the translator, a young
Japanese woman, inicated
>that the text is a "Song for the Guangdong
Marine" by a Mimoru
>Kawamoto. Although she was unable to translate a
few older, obsolete
>characters, she did provide a general
translation. The song is six
>verses and relates the story of the destruction
of an unnamed city
>followed by a battle along the Pearl (Tama)
River and the
>construction of a Japanese fort.
>Can anyone provide any information on this song?

What many like to call the Imperial Japanese
Marines" are really
Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF) (Tokubetsu
Rikusentai). There
were none on Iwo Jima. There were some IJN Base
Force units
(Tokubetsu Konkyochitai) and they may have been
the source of the
flag. Perhaps "Marine" should actually be
translated to "Navy."

Gordon Rottman

Gordon Rottman <Rottmagl@Sbcglobal.Net>

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