PC At Its Best - The Chesty Puller Dedication Stone Brouhaha...by R.W. Gaines

PC At Its Best - The Chesty Puller Dedication Stone Brouhaha...by R.W. Gaines

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PC At Its Best - The Chesty Puller Dedication Stone Brouhaha...by Dick Gaines

This one involves brouhaha by individual Marines--mostlly former Marines, etc. over a dedication stone in Puller Park in Virginia.
This involves the late LtGen Lewis B. Puller USMC, probably the most beloved general officer of the Marine Corps. Briefly, the supposed problem is over the words engraved on the stone, and the use of the word "soldier" thereon. Obviously, many Marines are ignorant of our own Marine Corps history, and our traditions.

As I said at the time..." Despite the greatness of the Corps, individual Marines are indeed among the foremost liars, braggarts, and vain ignoramuses of the world. Again, I'm on the other side of this argument, as usual."

The plaque in question very clearly indicates LtGen Puller to be a Marine; in addition, there are words to indicate that he was a Patriot, Soldier, etc. Nothing wrong w/that in the context it was used..."

There is no dishonor--quite the contrary-- in the use of the name "Soldier" for a Marine. In the Old Corps many knowledgeable Marines referred to both themselves and other Marines as Soldiers, and took pride in doing so.

See my own Gunny G website on this subject..."Are Marines Soldiers?"


Please also view Col "Sully's" Response to my views on this...
http://www.network54.com/Forum/135069/m ... n+Soldiers

(from the above...)
" Later that day I complained to the MC CO
about the base commander referring to me as a
"Soldier." My CO got a real chuckle out of my
complaint, and told me that instead of the
Captain demeaning me, he had instead paid me the
highest compliment possible. My CO was LtCol
Louis Nathaniel King, and had been a white hat in
1936 when he passed the exam for the Naval
Academy, graduated from there, and chose to enter
the MC. Of course, he, unlike myself, was steeped
in Naval traditions and knew all about the use of
the term "Soldier." On occasion I've referred to
other Marines as "Soldiers," always explaining
that was the highest compliment that I could call
them with our "Soldiers of the sea" origins."

(and, also from above...)

" Please note that I
always capitalize "Soldiers," "Sailors," and
"Airmen." In my book they deserve the same
respect that I pay to my beloved Marines.

Semper Fidelis,
tientsin (Sully)

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A string of e-mail/messageboard posts regarding the Puller dedication stone incident are as follows for your perusal here.
http://www.network54.com/Forum/220604/m ... On%20PC%20

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