Pacific War Memorial

Pacific War Memorial

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Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 12:18:57 EDT
Subject: Pacific War Memorial

Aloha Gunny,
Thanks much and more for your response.

This was another effort of mine that I took on.
This Pacific War Monument that they proposed was
another of the 2nd Flag
being raised there at Suribachi on Iwo.
I was determined to have it be of 1st of Our
Colors having been raised there.

I even had Our Commandant convinced as well as
the CO at our Marine Base
there at Kaneohe that the Memorial should be that
of the 1st Flag.

However, the Monument Committee did not feel that
they could raise enough
money for what a new mold would now cost to have
done. They opted to use the
same molds that the Connecticut Memorial was
built from at a cost of

You are probably aware of the Japanese Monument
that they just dedicated
there in Washington, DC. Two Birds with Barbed
Wire confining them. There
amongst all of our Historical Heroes that we pay
Tribute To.
How much more and embarrassing could that be and
shove our noses in it.
We may have defeated the Japanese Empire of WW
However, they have defeated our economy and own
our Money.
It was printed that they had raised several
Million of our Dollars to build
their WW II Memorial there in Washington, DC.

Anyway Gunny, should you be able to help get the
word out on Our Pacific War
Memorial here, it would be greatly appreciated. I
am not sure just how I
missed you in regard to soliciting for funds. To
clarify things, even though
it is at our Marine Base Entrance here on Oahu,
The "Walkway Of Honor" is
open to all Veterans that have served in the
Pacific for a minimum donation
of $!00.00

Thanks again for all of your sincere dedicated
efforts, & "Semper Fi".

Ray "Doc" Fornof



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