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Speaking of Marines getting discharged and then returning to the Corps, has reminded me of an incident (or, actually, a series of incidents) involving a Marine I knew. He had been out of the Corps for a few months and came back in and had gone through ITR, a couple months ahead of mem when I reenlisted, in 1956.

He had gone out a M/Sgt, and had come back in a Sgt (Sgts were pay grade E-4, at that time). The strange thing about it was that he had gone out of the Corps and returned three times previous to this. Even stranger still, the three previous times, he had gone out a M/Sgt and also returned a M/Sgt each time.

Each time he had previously left the Corps, it involved his getting orders to overseas, unaccompanied, tours, and he would soon be discharged. After being discharged each time, he would soon reenlist, and it would happen again next time he got orders overseas.

Now, I realize this is hard to believe--but it happened. He was the source of some amusement, and much irritation among those who knew him. I do not know all the particulars of his case, nor do I really care, the admins must have known, and there were many rumors as to his marital problems, etc.

He had been a M/Sgt since sometime around WW II. I knew him for a number of years after 1956; I believe he made S/Sgt again--after the new rank structure came in in 1959, but I think that was his last promotion until he retired sometime during the early years of the Vietnam war.

Again, hard to believe, yes! Ya had to be there I guess. But let me ask you a question regarding hard-to-believe stories... How did Lou Diamond get away with that goatee all those years?

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