Old Corps, New Corps?

Old Corps, New Corps?

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The arguments abound relative to the Old Corps Vs. the New Corps. Chesty Puller is reputed to have said... "OLD BREED? NEW BREED? THERE'S NOT A DAMN BIT OF DIFFERENCE SO LONG AS IT'S THE MARINE BREED" (paraphrased)

For many, that would settle the issue once for all, right?
Well, maybe--but ya gotta remember the general made that statement at about 1950 and the Korean War. A lot has changed since that time. To begin with, America has changed since then. Today's America is not the same America as it was back in WW II days and before. And the Marine Corps finds its new Marines from among that American population. Up to that Korean War in 1950, there had not been all that much social, psychological, educational, and political, etc., and other change among Americans. Since that time, this is no longer so. So, I think it is obvious, when you really stop to think about it, that we cannot any longer consider, as we once did, the constants that Marines were. Therefore, we cannot any longer actually consider the Old Corps/New Corps arguments.

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