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December 29th, 2005, 1:14 pm #1

For any of you who may have not yet noticed, Sully has his own forum @ Sgt Grit's now...

Many of us, I think, have long been aware of the noticable lack of both officers and old salt Marines on Marine forums/messageboards around the WWW. If just one outstanding individual once started posting regularly, I have thought, maybe that would serve as a starting point for others to come aboard. We may be seeing the start of that with Sully's "Piedpiper 6's SARs" as an example of what can be. I hope so. There are many Marines out there w/a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding Marine Corps historical events, and we all would benefit by their presence here and other Marine sites around the WWW.

My congratulations to Sgt Grit for having taken the first step to making the above more likely to happen.

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