My Friend, Gunny Mike....

My Friend, Gunny Mike....

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My Friend, "Gunny Mike," USMC (Ret.)
by DickG (no login)

We have been advised by Mike's wife, Mrs Sarah Adelt, that My friend of 40 years, Mike Adelt, GySgt USMC (Ret.) died last night. Mike had suffered a stroke earlier this week.

I first met Mike in 1962. He and several other Marines entered my Unit PO (a Quonset/Liaison hut) via the rear door--this was at TBS, Camp Barrett (Quantico)--he was a lance corporal that I had never seen before, and I took him to be one of the MotorT Marines who often rode the mail truck along w/the Marine postal shotgun.

I didn't get to know Mike very well at Quantico, but we did duty again together at Pendleton in 1969, and he and our families became good friends.

(Also at TBS was SSgt Anthony Rydeberg--an instructor there--who had been a DI when I went through PISC, in 1952. Sgt Rydeberg had not been my DI at that time, but he had the next platoon over, and he lived in the same hut as my DI. He, at times, roamed through our area, and those were memorable experiences--nobody who ever crossed paths w/him ever forgot him. I also did duty w/Tony at Quonset Point in '55. At TBS, Tony was finally a SSgt--he had about 18 years in the Corps, but was refused approval to reenlist. He had several purple hearts, a silver star, and he had left a couple toes at Chosin. Never knew what became of him after that.)

Mike and I had arrived at Pendleton in 1969 at roughly the same time. I knew I was due orders back to Nam, and I had just bought a house back in Jacksonville--so I was trying to rent a house for my family. That wasn't to be --in California, at that time, it was almost impossible to "rent" a house if you had kids--I ended up living for several weeks in one of those old beach houses at San Onofre Beach--the kids loved it, but there was a lotta rain/floods that year, and I got stranded on the beach for several days--several of the houses were taken out to sea by the high surf, etc.

That was enough for me, I went ahead and bought another house, in Vista. Mike followed suit and we were neighbors. We partied on the weekends, and so forth.
Returning from Nam in 71, I found that Mike had been transferred to Hawaii. He got orders to recruiting school just a few years later, and he visited us in Vista while attending recruiter's school at MCRD, San Diego. By then, I had already been on the beach for several years--I'd "retired" USMC in 1972

About four years ago, I bought a WebTV--I had always hated computers--but life has a way of creating circimstances where we get involved in things we never dreamed of. My son, Ron, set up my first webpage. Somehow or other I signed in at one of those Marines websites, and found that a Mike Adelt had also done so just a few days prior. E-Mailed Mike right away, and it was the right Mike Adelt, living in Florida.

We e-mailed back and forth a lot. We visited him and Sarah in Florida a couple times; and he and Sarah visited us here in Rochester last summer.

Mike's website and E-Mail addy are shown below.

Gunny Mike


Sorry to lose you, old buddy--you are missed.

Semper Fidelis

GySgt USMC (Ret.)

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