Marines: Vanity Talk Vs. Salty Talk

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Vanity Talk Vs. Marine Lingo

Let's face it; Marines are amongst the world's worst braggarts, loudmouths, blowhards, liars, etc. Not all Marines, of course, but enough of them so that people in general will form opinions based on what they hear and see of them. If you don't believe this, just, open-mindedly, visit a few online Marine messageboards/forums and observe how just a few (no pun) form into controlling cliques, bullying their way into power and dominating whatever interaction might ensue there--the prevailing reason most forums are soon vacated by old-time Marines who come from other than the new America.

Things of this general nature has gone so long and far as to render nearly extinct the onetime "Salty Language" Marines of olde were long noted for. Marines, it seems, no longer "ship over" or reenlist--now they prefer the term of another service of the armed forces--they "Re-Up!"

Marines now insist that they have "earned" their right to the TITLE of United States Marine; they have not merely "claimed" the title as The Marines' Hymn indicates, and as Marines of former generations have done. And, they have also earned their Marine Corps Emblem--but they don't call it Emblem anymore, either--most refer to it as an EGA.

On and on it goes, the "cool" generations have taken over. They speak of departed Marines as having gone to guard the Gates of matter that our Hymn also refers only to guarding the streets of Heaven . Indeed, Saint Peter himself has been bumped from his job as gatekeeper

Others have also taken note on some of these things.

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