Legendary Marines Of The Old Corps --George Clark

Legendary Marines Of The Old Corps --George Clark

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Legendary Marines Of The Old Corps
by Dick G (Login Dick Gaines)
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new book: "Legendary Marines of the Old Corps."

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From: "george b. clark" <brasshat@surfglobal.net>
Subject: new book: Legendary Marines of the OldCorps.
Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 9:02 AM

I am in the process of publishing another book about Marines, in a limited, numbered, edition. The book is, I believe, quite special. Not solely because I wrote it, but because of the subject matter. It is a Biographical Dictionary of Marines who made a great impact upon the CORPS, upon its enemies, and upon our Nation during it's first 175 years. Those included are largely people who are now forgotten, yet, for various reasons, shouldn't be. Either as fighting men of the "first chop" or as spectacular administrators, weapons specialists, colonial soldiers and/or planners. These are people that should be remembered but, unfortunately, for the most part they haven't been. Hopefully this book will bring many of them back to the "front-burner" where they belong. Its title is Legendary Marines ofthe Old Corps.

Many of the names included are still quite commonly known. Included, of course, are some of the more modern heroes, like CATES, SHEPHERD, PULLER, EDSON, ETC. Those men can't be ignored. It is, however, mainly about those Marines that even few historians now know about.

This is unlike the Schuon book, published some forty years ago. That book included Medal of Honor "winners" and the then current serving general officers. My book includes Privates, Sergeants, Lieutenants and up the line to include all Commandants to date. Some included wore the "big" medals, while some served their nation and Corps nobly with few decorations beyond campaign medals.

Each man has a reason for being included and I hope that I have given each their due with many details about each man. When they joined, where they were, much information about their promotions, the hot spots they were in, by dates, and their awards. I have also included details about when they were in trouble, why, where and with whom. THIS BOOK HAS BEEN WRITTEN TO BE READ. It is a combination of LITERATURE and HISTORY at the same time. Not only are the 100 main characters given numerous pages but the many hundreds of their associates, wives and children, civilians and even some foreigners also receive their due. It is thoroughly indexeD. As one famous historian said: "History is the biography of great men." There are many between these pages.

This book is quite large and very heavy. Its size is 9" by 12" and is finished in dark green cloth [what else?] with gilt lettering, and a nice quality dust wrapper. It is being printed on high quality paper, and has 435 pages, including 50 pages of photos. I have been trying to keep the price as low as is possible but in a quality job the price ain't cheap. Especially when it is printed in a very small run, as in this limited edition.

THE PRICE; Will be $60.00 from those individuals from whom I receive a check before 1 January 2003. That is, if you order after that date please add five additional dollars for shipping. Either way, the book will be signed or inscribed; your preference, and will be insured. It will be numbered in the chronology in which the order comes in. I will accept email orders for special numbering, if that is important to you. The finished book won't be in my hands until a day or two before Christmas, so obviously it won't be mailed until after 25 December.
But it will be shipped as soon as possible. It may please someone as a holiday present.

Following is a brief list of fairly new publications which I have on hand. Please add $4.00 for one book or for many, listed below. Payable to "The Brass Hat" mail address P. O. Box 358, Pike, NH, 03780. Email address brassthat@surfglobal.net and phone 603-989-5697 within reasonable hours, please.

Clark, George B. With The Old Corps in Nicaragua.. Presidio Press. $25.00.That also includes an inscription or, if you wish, just signed. Either way, it means that you can have a pristine pure copy as soon as return mail can get it to you. It has 232 pages, photos, maps, appendices [including awards], index and a very attractive dust jacket, even tho my mug appears on the inside back flap. It covers the entire Marine experience from 1912 through 1932. There was at least as much fighting there, per instant, as anywhere else in U.S. Marine history. Two regiments of infantry, the 5th and the 11th Marines, and one air wing were engaged in the daily rough and tumble exercise with some of the finest guerrilla warriors the world has ever witnessed. The grunts took most of the punish-ment but were ably assisted by Marine air. In fact, without the latter, the former would have been in deep trouble. Many times the "airedales" pulled the grunts out of some tough situations. It was a huge learning experience for every Marine. Much of what they learned became visible in WWII and in Vietnam. Edson's many Coco River patrols are extensively covered as are the Marine led Guardia Nacional patrols. There are detailed descriptions of nearly every fight, casualty-lists, awards, you name it, it's here. Numerous Marines who later became famous show up in these pages including Edson, Puller, Carlson, and many others. And, they all learned a lot from each other, including the rebels. The Marines that survived knew that they had been in a real scrap. The Marines may not have exactly won, but they didn't lose either. It was that close at times. This is the only book on the subject.

Clark, George B. The United States Marines in the Boxer Rebellion (or the China Relief Expedition). Pike, 2002, wraps, maps, appendices, index, 172p. $21.00. This is an original, "perfect bound." Mostly taken from government sources. As you can see by the number of pages, it goes far beyond the material in Treading Softly, insofar as this period is concerned. It is in chronologic order, day by day, and tells the story of the defense of Peking by Myers and his Marines; plus the heart-breaking attempt of the relief expedition to get from Taku to Peking. Many later famous Marines participated, including Waller, Butler, Porter, Dunlap, and many, many more. This is brand spanking new.

Clark, George B. His Road to Glory. The Life and Times of "Hiking Hiram" Bearss, Hoosier Marine. Pike, 2003, wraps, portrait photo, maps, index, 312p. $25.00. This is a recent reprint in "perfect bound" softcover. Many of you tried to buy this when it was in the limited edition, and failed. Here it is once again. The material is essentially the same but somewhat revised plus new maps and a detailed index. Hiram was one of the greatest Marines of all times. He earned everything the US and foreign governments could award. Led Marines all over the place, including France. Then led two different army regiments and then an army brigade. He was one helluva Marine. You'll agree when you've read his biography.

Clark, George B. Few Scars of Violence, Few Wounds to Heal, The U.S. Marines in China, 1819-1949. Pike, 2000, 1st ed., wraps, 30 photos, 11 maps, 245p. $25.00. Original monograph on high quality paper, "perfect bound,"completely revised and entirely rewritten. New photos & maps with a large addition including the post-war period. Colorful pictorial cover. This was originally published by Pragaer/Greenwood, 2000, in cloth at $65 per copy. Same book.

Clark, George B. Devil Dogs, Fighting Marines of WWI. Novato: 1999, 1st ed., DJ, photos, maps, 512pp. f/f. $40.00. Hate to brag, but I will: this has been acclaimed in many reviews and by numerous purchasers, as the first and only book of its subject, as well as being THE definitive study for years to come. Their words, not mine although I must in all modesty agree with all the hoopla. I have a few 1st edition copies. I do not believe anyone else has any 1st editions for sale. They won't be around much longer.

This same book in trade paper edition is currently available at all bookstores, at $24.95.

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