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Subject: Korean War Project Newsletter - December 13, 2005

Korean War Project
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December 13, 2005 - Korean War Project

Table of Contents
1. This Mailing List
2. Editorial
3. What is a DMZ Vet?
4. DMZ Vets "Tour of Duty" Reunion - Memorial
5. DMZ Vets "Tour of Duty" Official Website and
6. Bookstore | Film
7. Membership, Bumper Stickers
8. Livingston Bridge Re-Dedication, Inje, South
9. 6148th Tactical Recon Squadron - MIA Remains
10. National Korean War Museum In Oxford Nebraska

This time of year our thoughts turn to the winter
campaigns of 1950.
We should not forget the severe winters endured
for 1951, 1952 and 1953
as the tides of war changed to truce. 8th Army
from Unsan to the
C'ongch'on River and X Corps in the Chosin
Reservoir, East of Chosin to
the Yalu River were deeply entangled from
Thanksgiving through the
second week of December 1950.

Lest We Forget

1. This Mailing List (going to 35,000 + persons)

We began this newsletter mailing in December of

This list is a private list for our visitors and
members. A person may
join or leave the list at will. It is compiled
from our Guest book and
is for public service messages of general
interest to veterans and

To join or leave the list: email to: Ted Barker

Place: Subscribe or Unsubscribe in the subject

Consider forwarding the Newsletter to your
friends by email or print.
Word of mouth is how we grow.

Thanks for being part of the Korean War Project

2. Editorial

Some of the recurring themes on our site or in
personal communications
concern Veterans helping other Veterans. And
helping others in need.

We recall the events of this past year; the
tsunami, the hurricanes,
and the Asian earthquakes. Active duty and former
servicemen and women
stepped up to provide assistance.

Other less visible examples stand out.

Our pal out in Modesto, Ca. Ray Walton, takes his
wonderful dog, Tosha,
to the Veterans Administration Hospitals for
bedside visits. He has
been doing this in conjunction with his friends
at the AUSA-Association
of the United States Army, Major General USA
(Ret) Walter and Mrs.
Lucie Marx Titus.

Back in Florida, former Korean War POW, William
(Bill) Allen uses his
wonderful book, "My Old Box of Memories" to
educate schoolchildren. He
often surprises the schools with scholarships
which originate from
sales of his book.

Charles (Charlie) Taliaferro, Madera, CA. created
a unique group called
"Kitchen Table Gang," another organization
featured on the KWP.

The "Gang" publishes a cookbook, handles flag
disposals, and most
importantly visits shut-in or hospitalized

These are a few of the people and organizations
who are part of the
Korean War Project. We would love to hear from
others doing good work
so our spotlight can be turned in that direction.
For all who do great things, small and large, we
say "Thanks".

Bill Allen may be found on our Bookstore, "My Old
Box of Memories"

Bill Allen: wallen2@tampabay.rr.com

Ray Walton: vetkorean@aol.com

Kitchen Table Gang: www.kitchentablegang.org

3. What is a DMZ Vet?

During the Fifties and into the Sixties, numerous
skirmishes occurred;
many resulting in injury or loss of life. Downed
aircraft were part of
the overall experience. It was a tense and
harrowing time for anyone
posted along the zone, on the water, or in the

Many incidents occurred in the ROK after July
1953. If you were part of
an incident, or knew someone who was killed or
injured, or you have a
story you know was never reported, we want to
hear from you. Please
don't let this part of history be lost.

By 1966, the DPRK began a serious attempt to
infiltrate and disrupt the
status quo. Few Americans understand that period
of time due to the
focus on Southeast Asia and the worldwide Cold
War. The serious nature
of hostilities is noted on the Korean War Project
in an area
called "DMZ Veterans Center."
We coined the phrase, "DMZ Vet", after a long
telephone call with
retired U.S. Army Major Vandon (Van) Jenerette,
who introduced us to
his authoritative work published in Military
Review, "The Forgotten
DMZ", 1988. Van graciously allowed a re-print on
the pages of the
Korean War Project.
Major Daniel Bolger wrote his seminal treatise
for the Leavenworth
Papers, # 19. It is required reading for Officers
at the Command Staff

Titled "Scenes from an Unfinished War:
Low-Intensity Conflict in Korea,
1966-1969", published in 1991, Major Bolger
defined the obstacles and
strategic thinking required to understand this
brand of low-intensity
conflict. He made clear the level of conflicting
policy that continues
to make the job of peace-keeping difficult.

We widened the use of "DMZ Vet" to include all
those who served in
Korea, over Korea, or in the waters in direct
support of the mission to
protect the truce. This clearly includes the
Pueblo crew, those in
Japan or Pacific Islands in support, and aircraft
intelligence missions.

4. DMZ Vets "Tour of Duty" Reunion - Memorial

Our Memorial Day 2005 Newsletter featured a
notice by Mark Hartford and
his heartfelt intent to honor fellow DMZ Vets.

Mark drew a lot of attention from our readers and
his concept has
expanded to include a Reunion and a Veterans Day
2006 ceremony at the
Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C

www.koreaatourofduty.org/Reunions/DMZVe ... fDuty.html

Mark Hartford - Originator
2617 Glen Echo Dr.
Columbus, OH 43202
Email: mzh@columbus.rr.com
PH: (614) 263-0121
Korean Military Service: Co B, 1/23 Inf 2ID

Ken Leighty, Webmaster - Korea A Tour of Duty
1225 19th Ave
Altoona, PA 16601
Email: sldsnfrm@aol.com
PH: (814) 942-8163
Web: www.koreaatourofduty.org
Korean Military Service: A Co 2nd BN 72nd Armor
2ID 1967-68

David Benbow, President - DMZ Vets Association
PO Box 432, (309 Davie Ave)
Statesville, N.C. 28687-0432
Email: david@statesvillelaw.com
PH: (704) 871-9000 (W)
FAX: (704) 873-0570
Korean Military Service: C Co, 3/23rd Inf 2ID ,
Imjin Scout 1968-69

Bob Haynes - Team Leader, Agent Orange
34726 Mudjekeewis Trail
McHenry, Illinois 60051
Email: bhaynes@hi-cone.com
PH: (815) 363-8452
Korean Military Service: HHC 1/23 Inf 2ID, Imjin
Scout 1966-67

Reunion Headquarters and Dates:

Holiday Inn National Airport
Arlington, Virginia
PH: (703) 684-3217
FAX: (703) 684-3217

Special Rate - DMZ Vets - Tour Of Duty

November 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th - 2006

280 rooms total with 60 rooms reserved so far at
$89.00 p/night single
or double!

Reunion Details

November 9 - Early Arrivals come in on Thursday
then register with
their group on Friday.

November 10 - Friday - Social events.

November 11 - Saturday - Memorial Service,
Colors, Invocation,
speakers, reading of the names of those killed.
Placing temporary
plaque with garlands, final prayer and salute,
and evening dinner.

November 12 - Sunday - Send off and goodbye's.
Working committee
meetings will take place to outline future

Memorial Ceremony:

When: November 11, 2006 at 11:am EST

Where: Korean War Veterans Memorial, Washington,

NPS permit from 9:00 am to 1:00pm, gathering

Time of Service; 11:00 am ending 12 noon.


Honor those who have served since 1953, the
injured, wounded, and those
killed, ROK and American. Special mention will be
for the period of
service 1966-1969.

Special Mention

All of us would like to tip the hat in the
direction of our pal, Norm
Tredway, (24th Infantry Division) who created the
KDVA - Korea Defense
Veterans Alliance (formerly, Korea Deployment and
Respect and
Recognition Committee) for his hard work
organizing DMZ veterans and
introducing legislation to obtain what has become
the KDSM - Korea
Defense Service Medal.

5. DMZ Vets "Tour of Duty" Official Website and

Editor's Note: the Itinerary, the Proposal, and
other details are works
in progress so please go directly to the host
website for details and

If you served post-WWII in Korea, KMAG, or prior
to the truce, Mark and
the other organizers would love to have you
attend and support this

Reunion Introduction Page:

www.koreaatourofduty.org/Reunions/DMZVe ... fDuty.html

6. Bookstore | Film

Visit our Bookstore section of the site where you
can browse titles of
important books or video's that have been
presented to the public
by our site visitors.

Link: www.koreanwar.org/html/bookstore.html


"The Diary of a Greek Soldier in the Korean War"

by Mike Pagomenos

2Jan08-EMail addy removed by request--RWG/GyG

"The book was published in the Greek language in
November 2004 (ISBN:
960-406-928-4) and can be obtained from any Greek
bookseller by quoting
the ISBN. The publisher's website is at

The author was born on the island of Crete.

The Outpost Harry website records the progress of
the diary's
publication at www.outpostharry.org

The Greek quality newspaper called 'Kathimerini'
published an excellent
review of the diary. The diary is the first
formal military journal to
be published by an ordinary soldier in the
'demodic' ("the people's")
Greek language. Prior to its publication all
Greek military records
were official Greek military publications and/or
were written by
commissioned officers in upper-class Greek,
called 'katharevousa',
which is difficult for most Greeks to read and
understand. Photo-
illustrated with photographs of the author in
Korea and Japan, and on
the way to and from Korea, also special events,
and key officers. This
is a detailed journal of an ordinary Greek
soldier in the Korean War
who was at Outpost Harry and a number of other
battles and who was also
on the front-line when cease-fire was
implemented. "


"Crimson Imjin"

Korea 1951, Korean Hill Rats The Infantrymen

By Bob Ryan, Corporal (Ret.)

(Robert W. Ryan)

". Symbolic title chosen for this book was
influenced by the blood shed
on both sides during heavy fighting occuring in
the hills bordering the
shores of the Imjin River in North Korea.

I didn't intend to have this book published, as
it was written strictly
to alleviate the nightmarish combat memories that
surfaced during the
Vietnam War and continued into the nineties..."

Folks, this book is straight-forward and written
by a man from Erie and
Lakawanna, PA., wounded in action and a survivor.
- editor.

ISBN: 0-9719316-0-7

Self-published, Ryan Press, through

Williams Custom Publishing, Div.
Lakeshore Communications
24100 Lakeshore Blvd, Euclid OH, 44123
Ph: (216)731-0234

Author contact:

Robert W. Ryan
6440 S. Cedarwood Rd
Mentar, OH 44060
PH: (440) 951-6299

7. Membership, Bumper Stickers

Consider supporting the mission of the Korean War
Project by
donations in the form of Membership/Sponsorship
and our "I Remember
Korea" Bumper Sticker campaign.


Bumper Sticker:

Our Pledge Drive is an ongoing process. Many of
our previous donors
no longer can assist. We are recruiting from
those who have not
participated, so if you can, jump on in, it will
be appreciated.

The site is free for all to use and those who
participate help to
ensure that we remain online whether the donation
is $1.00 or more!

Some of our site visitors cannot participate due
to health or income

Sadly, many of our long-term contributors have
passed away.

For those persons or groups that cannot
participate, we certainly

Donations, memberships are tax deductible, if you
use long form IRS
reports. Our EIN: 75-2695041 501(c)(3)

8. Livingston Bridge Re-Dedication, Inje, South

Ralph Hockley of the 2nd Infantry Divison
Alliance just returned from
South Korea where he was part of the American
delegation to assist the
citizens of Inje in the re-dedication of the
bridge crossing the river.

Almost two years ago, one of the city officials
contacted the KWP to
see if details on the man for whom the bridge was
named could be

It was thought the officer, a Lt. Livingston, was
from the 2nd ID.
After forwarding information to Inje, the KWP
narrowed the focus on 2nd
Lt. Thomas W. Livingston Jr of Boston, MA, 196th
Field Artillery Bn.

The Inje committee did not think this correct so
the hunt continued.
Col. Hockley was the man of the hour and spent
many hours pulling
threads together. He was able to contact family
and former unit members
of the 196th.

From Ralph:

Sunday, December 04, 2005 7:24 PM
Subject: Livingston Bridge

Dear Ted and Hal,

We had a very successful and colorful
rededication ceremony of the
Livingston Bridge in Inje, SK on 28 Oct 2005.
Seven members of the
Livingston family, Col and Mrs Bob Kamstra and
Carolyn and myself
attended as guests of Inje District.

. A long search ended successfully. By the way,
it was initially
thought that 2nd Lt Thomas W. Livingston Jr of
Boston, MA (we figured
out early this year who Livingston really was)
was from the 2nd
Infantry Division. Actually he was a FO from the
196th FA Bn, X Corps.
Col Kamstra also served in the 196th, originally
of the Tennessee
National Guard.

Best regards,


10027 Pine Forest-Houston TX 77042-1531
(713) 334 0271 Phone (713) 334 0272 Fax
Email: rmh-2id-kwva@earthlink.net

9. 6148th Tactical Recon Squadron - MIA Remains

My brother-in-law, Alvin Earl Crane (Sonny)
AO-1903066 was assigned to
the 6148th Tactical Recon Squadron. He was the
pilot of a LT-6G and
was accompanied by Army Sgt. Gordon Zorn. Sgt.
Zorn's body was
recovered soon after the plane went down. Sonny
was reported Missing
in Action September 13, 1951. In 1990 the North
Koreans conducted their
own unilateral recovery on their side of the
Demilitarized Zone near

The remains were returned to the U. S. on August
22, 2005. JPAC
completed its analysis and determined the remains
were those of 1st Lt.

In May of 2006 my husband Art will fly to Hawaii
to bring Sonny home.
The service is to be held on May 13 at 1PM at
Santa Rosa Memorial Park,
California. The Air Force will conduct a
military service including
honors and flyover. There is a possibility of a
second flyover by a
T-6 Unit in the Sonoma County area.

If you knew Sonny or if you would like to attend
the service, please
contact me for further information. Thank You to
All of Our Veterans.

Mary Crane maryandart@comcast.net

10. National Korean War Museum In Oxford Nebraska

According to news reports, the Board of Trustees
of the National Korean
War Museum, formerly of Utah, Waikaloa, Hawaii,
Wahiawa, Hawaii, and
most recently Oxford, Nebraska, vacated the
Oxford Nebraska Museum
facility on November 26, 2005.

For additional information contact Mr. Kyle
Kopitke, Founder and
Curator of the National Korean War Museum.

Mr. Kopitke can now be reached at the new Vietnam
War National Museum
website at www.vwnm.org

Kyle Kopitke
Board of Trustees - Curator
Vietnam War National Museum, Inc.
380 S. Maple Street
Nelson, NE 68961
(402) 225-4117


Thanks once again to each and every person who
participates. The
sharing of information represented here is your

Hal and Ted Barker
Korean War Project

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