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Mr. Jacobs,

Thank you for the information and I look forward to receiving and reading your essay. I would also like to thank you for your past service and continued dedication to the Marine Corps. I do recommend that you mail the Commandant's copy directly to him. I would also like to have your mailing address.

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Hello Sergeant Major Estrada

My name is Raymond Jacobs.I am a former Marine.

On Iwo Jima I was the radioman for F Company,2nd Battalion,28th Marines.

On February 23,1945 I was assigned to accompany an E Company/2/28 patrol to secure the top of Mt.Suribachi.It was this patrol,led by Lt Harold Shrier,which raised the first American flag on Iwo Jima.

I have put together a booklet discribing what happened on Suribachi that day and identified the Marines and Corpsman who were there.

My account includes a forensic analysis of the pictures of the first flag raising,reporters news accounts from Suribachi and photo comparisons of some of the participants.

The forensic analysis and news reports confirm my presence on Suribachi as the radioman with Lt. Shrier's patrol.As an eyewitness to what took place that day I also provide corrections to the published record regarding the identities of the Marines and Corpsman pictured in the photographs of the first flag raising.

I want to send copies of my eyewitness essay to you and the Commandant as an interesting chapter in the history of our Corps.I need a mailing address for you and some advice.Would it make more sense to send the Commandants copy of my essay directly to him or should I send both copies to you with a request that you present it to him???If directly to the Commandant would you please send me a direct mailing address.

Earlier this year I mailed copies of my essay to Colonel John Ripley,Director of the Marine Historical Center and to Colonel Walt Ford,Editor of Leatherneck.

I served 1943-1946,active...1946-1950,reserve...1950-1951,active.

Semper Fi,Raymond Jacobs

PO Box 10970,South Lake tahoe,CA. 96158

ph # (530) 573-0285

e mail ray1jacobs@msn.com

Ray Jacobs' Eyewitness Account may be found at...

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