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My biography of "Hiking" Hiram I. Bearss has been published by McFarland & Company. It is an up-dated, expanded version, with 278 pages, maps, and many photos, notes, bibliography, index, and appendices. Priced at $35.00 plus shipping (from McFarland) at $4.00. You can purchase from them, or from me with inscription, if you like, at the same price but $3.00 postage.
I am very pleased with the job they have done with it. It has a very colorful softcover and the grade of paper is fine.
So, if you are interested, please let me know and I will order a copy for you. I will wait a week before ordering, so please let me know as soon as possible.

If there is anyone out there who doesn't know who Bearss is: let me explain.
Hiking Hiram was a character of the Old Marine Corps. From the Spanish-American War through WWI in France. He was awarded the Medal of Honor at Sohotan Cliffs, in the Philippines (where he was a member of the Waller party that crossed the island of Samar), he served extensively in the Caribbean, including Panama, Cuba, Haiti, and Santo Domingo. In France he commanded the 5th Marines, the 9th Infantry, and 3/9 which earned plaudits because of his training and discipline, Assistant Regimental commander of the 6th Marines at Belleau Wood. Then to command the 102d Infantry at St. Mihiel and the Marchville campaign, at which he was awarded a Distinguished Service Cross and many other decorations from France, Belgium, etc. Plus he commanded the 57th Infantry Brigade at the end of the war.
Diasabled out in 1919 he organized and then commanded the first Federal Guard at the Federal Reserve Bank, NYC. He was one hell of a Marine and even the Army loved/hated him. His pals were Butler, Wise, Porter, and even Pershing liked him.
He was from the fighting element of the Corps.
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