Hey Marine, What's YOUR Opinion On OohRah???

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Hey Marine, What's YOUR Opinion On OohRah???

Up until several years ago there was no explanation as to what OohRah was or where it came from. There were, however, plenty of opinions as to its origin and history, so forth. Some of the opinions were downright dumb; others were humorous, and others went off in many directions of fantasy.

Finally, after a few years of sending out e-mail inquiries on this, and posting this topic on my own websites and others, I received some information that appeared to be a sound reasonable explanation for OohRah. I had always felt that the answer would be found in the responses to my inquiries from old time Marines who had been on the scene and knew its origin and the history and evolution of it (OohRah). Well that's exactly what happened.

As can be seen from my following GyG website...


former recon Marines responded that it had come from the sound of the old Klaxton horn used aboard the submarines that recon Marines had trained on, beginning back around the late 1940s or so. Apparently that sound (arrruuuugha!) had been adopted by these Marines as they did their routine morning runs. Later, this practice found its way to the recruit depots. Apparently, latter-day Marines were still practicing the Arrruugha, but it had evolved into OohRah--the newer Marines lacking direct knowledge of its origin and prior use.

Please see the article from the force recon association webpage on this...


And, there is also even earlier knowledge information regarding this sent to me by Dr. R.E. Sullivan, Col USMC (Ret.)

http://www.network54.com/Forum/135069/m ... +the+night. ..

Please see Col "Sully's" website at...

Now, it appears that the riddled has been solved, but there are still those out there who still scoff at the above information. It seems that once something has been repeatedly chanted for so long, that individuals prefer what they see as "tradition" vice the facts. Whatever, everybody to their own kick. Generally, it is my observation that most olf time Marines look with disfavor upon "OohRah;" whereas most boots think it is the greatest thing since SOS! (does the old Corps still have SOS?)

Anyway, for those of you who would like to state your opinion on OohRah--you may speak your piece at the following GyG forum...

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