GyG'sMailbag: From Frankie G....

GyG'sMailbag: From Frankie G....

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October 15th, 2002, 8:22 pm #1

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great site gunny

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Tue, 15 Oct 2002 06:59:02 -0400 (EDT

wow im really interested as you may see by my many pages i
been around
marines for a long time Knew guys who fought at bellau wood s
thou my dad and been a neighbor and a friend of sgt al
guadalcanal wwii at 15
i was a member of the naval coast patrol marine detachment at
17 i was
a full paris island graduate and a us marine Before the
corps i was
a member of the keystone ramblers a country western
band But in my first years in the corps i mixed in quite well
the boys from the southern states Especial those who were the
south musicans Boy how many nights we stayed up all night long
and singing in the head at camp lejune Next morning our sarge
say as we fell out for revile Heard you guys had a party last
OK now were really going to party around the barracks 12
times MOVE

But so much for rommance Yep it wasnt long after that id
going into
the 6th fleet med cruise Where i was lucky to find another
small group
of hillbillys with the taste for singing and playing that music
we now
call country and western
Every sunday we had a happy hour aboard ship used to be called
YARN SUNDAY At times the group of us went ashore at a uso here
there like france italy greece etc to do a bit of entetaining
at an
officers club etc They gave us the name of the SALT WATER
back then Boy those were the days

Well wasnt to long before all hell broke lose when we got to
turkey in late june the world changed As south korea was
invaded And
trueman spoke out to say I WANT ALL MARINES READY FOR AN INCHON
INVASION NO MATTER WERE THEY ARE So that was the end of my
and time for a B AR

ON september 15 1950 we landed at inchon and a short time
later went
to the 38th parrell Wasnt to long after we were back at sea
for the wonson landing which was to take us up to the chosin
And i think ever marine knows the story from there on and back
to the
sea in december But to my amazement i heard those words from
child hood days once again RETREAT HELL My dads buddies of
ww one
spoke the same phrase when speaking of bellau wood france Say
did you every hear the poem CAPTAIN JIMMY JONES AND HIS DEVIL
MARINES Boy that was a poem but its older the the lou diamond

But it getting more current even through the above facts leads
to the
roots of my pages in country and military compositions If you
note to the song in my country composition called SAILING THE
BLUE its bassed on my 6th fleet military days in a humorous

Many of the others i composed while at chosin few reunions in
orleans nashville etc

In the ballads of honor the lyrics are mostly bassed on my
feelings on
the chosin reservoir
the YOUNG MARINE is me But the most emotional two songs are
Christmas ballads
espcial THE DIAMOND IN THE SKY Of which is read every year at
churches After the story of THE STAR OVER KOTO RI
The story and music of A WALK TO FREEDOM has been also read
and played
at local korean peoples churchs in english and korean IN fact
national channel 6 wpvi has run a documentry on it The
diamond in
the sky is now in the hands of a motion picture screen writer
for a good current movie on the korean war If it happens ill
let you
well sarge so much for rommance but if you like any part of
above facts of my life and days in the corps i be glad to
compose a
more detailed profesional data to it ok thanks buddy for
the great
great site semper fi

ps if you like to print any of the above are short stories
gathered on
my sites your sure welome
Oh next week ill be reciving a new edition cd of the ballads of
korea if you like to send me a us mailing address id be glad
to send
you a free gift copy

frankie g semper fi original country music

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October 17th, 2002, 4:27 pm #2

As of october 23rd 2002 next week Ill be receiving the new
edition of
the BALLADS OF HONOR KOREA This is a special edition as the
cd will
be incased in a jacket type small folder The jacket cover will
be an
original photo taken in korea just as the label on the cd the
back of
the jacket contains a small bio With the 7 ballad titles and
production credits
Now the great thing about this release is that its NOT in a
box But produced in a jacket container Which will make the
price very
reasonable at just two dollars and 50 cents each Any order
for 25
or more which would make a good fun raiser for chapters or for
memorial fund raisers etc They can be had at just one dollar
In other words just 25 dollars for 25 cd albums plus 3 dollars
shipping on every 25 cd albums

The cd itself has the same 7 ballads in didgit sound just as
original jewell box edition of the BALLADS OF HONOR KOREA
producers of the album had made this teriffic offer just in
time for
the final year of our korean war veterans anniversary The
production was offered by DISC MAKERS of new jersey with my
cost of
99 cents each So in turn i like to pass this on as a possible
raiser for chapters memorial fund drives and ceremonies Plus
the single orders at 2 dollars and 50 cents Most of us guys on
s fixed
income may be able to bear much easier

NOTE this is not the jewell box and story folder issue
NOTE for fund raising they can be sold at what ever price
the seller

by frank gross 1002 new pear st vineland nj 08360