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Wonder why Marines are so fond of myths, outright untruths, etc.?
Oh sure, I know, many Marines are among the world's best known liars, braggarts, and teller of tall tales--and stretching the facts to one degree or another has never been a consideration.

Take for example, something I have noticed develop only lately, I think--or else I have just not noticed before. There is a growing tendency to speak of departed Marines as having gone to guard the gates of heaven.
I thought that was more within the purview of Saint Peter, with the keys to heaven, and all that, etc.

Even The Marines' Hymn mentions guarding only the streets of heaven. But it is The Marines' Hymn also which mentions the title of United States Marine as being claimed not "earned" as is now fashionable to insist.

But then there always have been the myths: the dispute as to the birthplace of the Corps; the so-called bloodstripe on the trousers of NCOs and officers; the term Devil Dog origin, etc., etc.

Once such things develop into tradition, they're not considered untruths or lies. So, I suppose, having gone to "guard the gates of heaven" is another one well on its way. Move over, Pete.

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