GunnyG On...That Movie "Chesty"....???

GunnyG On...That Movie "Chesty"....???

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Regarding That Movie, "Chesty" starring Glen Ford...
by Dick G
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Here's another mystery regarding Marines History topics--back in the late '70s/early '80s I viewed one of those afternoon talkshow (either Merv Griffin or Mike Douglas) on which Glen Ford was the guest.
Ford statedthat he had recently completed a film on the life of famous Marine General Chesty Puller, and the film was to be titled, "Chesty!."

Ford was more than slightly annoyed that after the film was finished it was never released, it had been "shelved" or "in the can," as they say--he stated he did not know why!

Through the years, I have attempted to learn more regarding the above, but to no avail.
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