Gunny G: On Sea Stories...

Gunny G: On Sea Stories...

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"Sea Stories" are the preferred means by which Corps' wisdom is passed down from the older generation of Marines to the next."
-Author Unknown
A lot of truth in that, I think--and a great deal of good information has been lost because more of us have not taken down and preserved these things. I now regret that I had not sought out these seeming trivial and mundane things of Old Corps daily life, while I had the opportunity to do so, and now I have only the dimming memories of those (mostly one-sided) coversations with the Old Salts I knew and "did duty" with in my own early days in the Corps. I do not regard myself as 'Old Corps,' having not enlisted in ther Marine Corps until 1952. But I did serve and rub elbows with many of the Old Salts most of whom were WW II and Korean War veterans; and a few more who did duty in China, and just a couple or so that had some "Banana War" time.

Semper Fidelis
-Dick Gaines

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