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September 18th, 2003, 5:21 pm #1

My sites/forums will reflect my attitude on numerous topics Marine; but here, in a nutshell, you will get the idea of what I think, say and do--might save ya all some time...

My direction is Old Corps--you will not find a whole lotta stuff regarding the Corps after the '60s--or even RVN, for that matter.

I liked the old enlisted rank structure prior to 1959--we got along fine back then w/o supersergeants (pay grades E-8/E-9) and I considered then, and now, the new E-1/E-9 thing to be a humbug--it wasn't Marine Corps--it was a DOD thing the Corps had no choice in it.

I don't OohRah! See my OohRah Origin site for more on that.

I do not ooze and drivel this stuff about the Marine Brotherhood--yes, to be sure there is a brotherhood among Marines, and this should be reserved for mostly serious and solemn occasions. Also noted up front on my Introductory Gunny G site.

Uniforms? The new short sleeve shirts and trench coats are fine. But, for the most part, the old service hat (campaign hat) was great for all hands, not just the present prima donnas who are entrusted to wear it today. The old heringbone (HBT) dungarees were fine w/unbloused trousers and boondockers.

And, no, I do not worship the onetime S/Sgt Lee Ermey, whom I consider, for the most part, to be a throwback to the old image of the ignorant pre--WW II sergeant of Hollywood films--I have seen a couple of his films that were pretty good, however, the ridiculous character he has developed for TV, and his carnival-like websites for suckers, are less than acceptable for the thinking Marine!

There's more--proceed to Gunny G's w/all of the above in mind--or don't go at all.

Semper Fidelis (not semper fi)
Dick Gaines