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There was a time in the Corps when the term eagle, globe and anchor was rarely heard; and ega never heard!

The Marine Corps emblem (not ega--there's no such thing ) was the general reference. Marines did, however, refer to our emblem, on occasion, simply as the Globe and Anchor--no, not the Eagle, Globe and Anchor--just the Globe and Anchor. Many of you will say, among other things, that you never heard of such a thing. I agree, likely you never did--maybe that's because you're a boot.

Matter of fact, I have seen references in many of the older writings pertaining to the Corps, using the reference to the Globe and Anchor. For example, one such reference stated "...he was one of the finest men ever to wear the Globe and Anchor..."

Just read a news article a few days ago that reminded me of this topic. And, there was an article on actor Hugh O'Brian, a former Marine, who had been awarded the Globe and Anchor award. I know, you same people won't remember him either.

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