George Clark: Book, Ordinary Marines, etc.

George Clark: Book, Ordinary Marines, etc.

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i have just about completed what i intended to do for my so-called "Ordinary Marines" and i should be able to communicate rather soon what the circumstances are.
Twenty-four men you should know more about. There weren't any women (just a few in Washington) in those times.

for those few of you who haven't sent me your project, send NOW or i'll have to lpass on it. Send it email as open text, NOT as an attachment.

i have other things i want to get too. plus have two books coming, one VERY SOON: "Hist of the 2d Div in WWI" and in the fall, "General Officers of the USMC in WWII."
they require proofing and indexing and that takes TIME.

Have a detailed history, by battalions and by companies, daily, also coming along. you will be able to pick any battalion or company and find out what, where, and why, by day.

also coming along "Records of the 4th Brigade, including regiments and 6th MG Bn."

"A chronological Battle History of the USMC, Rev War thru Vietnam."

"A Historical Encyclopedia of Marine Corps History." By categories, not in usual format. Listing important things concerning the Corps, little known in general histories.

So you see, i'm busy and wish to finish up this project NOW.
thank you



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