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Free Online Marines/Military Videos, etc.

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Re GyG'sMailbag....
Hi Gunny,
I recently heard of Lou Diamond when I watched a fantastic video on the actual URL is,0,5,,1,7,0/ if you want to watch it yourself. On that page, it's the 2nd video from the left titled "The Epic Marine Battles of World War II". It's a 3 hour video with historians, footage, and interviews of the men who were there. One Marine, Mr. Jack Means, described Lou Diamond hitting a Japanese submarine. If you are interested in watching just his account of it, and not the entire video, he begins talking about it at 28 minutes, 50 seconds into it.
I have no idea when this video was created, or whether Mr. Jack Means is still around, but after watching it, and reviewing it, I did a Live search on "Lou Diamond U.S. Marine" and found your site, and thought I'd pass it along.
Thank you for your service, and for the informative website.

Very Respectfully,

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