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I cannot remember Jack Webb's line in The DI that alludes to Elvis.
Have tried to find a screenplay transcript of The DI on the 'Net--to no avail...

The scene is that the Gunny is chewing @ss about recruits having not shaved all the way to the tops of their ears. Something about (paraphrased) "...and we all know who has long sideburns and plays a guitar, don't we?..."

That line, I think, tends to profoundly indicate the prevailing attitude of the times (1956-57), with the obvious exception of the younger generation, and the (then) 17-18 year old Marine boots. Elvis was the vanguard and the epitome of the new younger generation and all that was going "wrong" w/America, etc.

If only we really knew then....
Although I might have thought along the lines (back in the 50s/early 60s) of Elvis being something less than great, my opinion of him had changed dramatically in later years.

When Elvis came along, we already had a "beatnik" culture in fullswing in America--it was, I suppose, the forerunner of what later became the "hippy," war protestors, hate America, etc. culture.

I never did consider Elvis a part of that! He served honorably in the Army, when called; he refused to be used by the anti-establishment for their purposes, and so forth. Aside from his Rock-n-Roll crap--which is now more like old American ballads--he was a talented, very good, great, singer and entertainer. He had problems as all of us do, but probably behaved little differently than many of us did and/or might have. He was born just a few months before I was in 1935. Wish he were still around. We could use a man like that about now.

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