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I received the following from thegunny, 419
No way this can be considered good gub-mint!
More like something that would have been listed among the list of abuses in the Declaration of Independence, don'cha think?

And the beat goes on...and on and on...
Dick Gaines
aka: GyG

I've been following these Gestapo shenanigans for a long long time. However, it eventually just overwhelmed me because it seems to be a daily occurrence. Some years ago I got into a little public debate with the old newspaper editor here in Alpine which started over my objection to the uS Border Patrol's very unconstitutional road block operations--a tactic used by invading-occupying armies to control the conquered population. The whole thing involved an exchange of letters to the editor which lasted several months. I eventually compiled it all and published it at

if you are interested.

thegunny, 419
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Driver's felony is D.A.R.E. program gain


June 18, 2007
By JANET LUNDQUIST Staff Writer ... index.html

PLAINFIELD -- Patrol Officer Mario Marzetta was about finished running radar on Essington Road on a March afternoon when the catch of the day flew by.

He heard it before he saw it -- the engine of a 2000 Dodge Viper revving high before the car blew by him at 127 mph in a 35 mph zone.
» Click to enlarge image
Officer Mario Marzetta stands with the Plainfield Police Department's new D.A.R.E. car. Marzetta was the arresting officer when the 2000 Dodge Viper was seized in March 2006 on numerous traffic offenses.
(Corey R. Minkanic/Staff Photographer)

» Click to enlarge image
Turning heads, Officer Mario Marzetta takes his first test drive in Plainfield's new D.A.R.E. car.

The driver was eventually charged with felony fleeing and eluding police, while his car became the property of the Plainfield Police Department.

Now the shiny black Viper with a cognac leather interior has a fresh-paint detail and is outfitted with lights, ready to serve as the department's new D.A.R.E. car.

The car's custom paint job was done by Jeff Brown of Todd's Body Shop and features an airbrushed American flag design on the hood. Others who donated services to customize the vehicle include Chicago Communication, Ray O'Herron, Plainfield Signs and Code 3.

The D.A.R.E. car, which will be taken to community events, block parties, parades and schools, will make its public debut Tuesday at Cruise Night in downtown Plainfield. Cruise Night is held every Tuesday night on Lockport Street through Aug. 28.
Attempted getaway
The arrest was made on an afternoon in March 2006. Marzetta chased the joy rider north from 135th to 127th Street, where the Viper swerved left around two cars at the intersection and turned right.

The Viper weaved in and out of an industrial park before the driver hit Weber Road traffic and tried to hide in a nearby parking lot.

As the driver, a Naperville resident, was being fingerprinted -- unaware he was losing his luxury ride -- he asked Marzetta if the car could be stored indoors to shelter it from the elements. The vehicle has 17,000 miles on it and is in like-new condition.

When Marzetta dropped the man off at the county jail, he "thanked" him for the car.
Felony seizures
Vehicles involved in the commission of a felony can be seized, said Community Service Officer Mark Siegel. The department has a lot full of seized vehicles, most of which aren't worth much and are sold at auction, he said.

"It's very safe to say that this is the only seized Viper out there that's a D.A.R.E. car," Siegel said. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime car."

The department's previous D.A.R.E. car was a 1986 Pontiac Firebird seized in 1989. About seven years ago, it was one of six in the nation chosen to be made into Matchbox cars, Siegel said.

"We held onto that one longer than we should have" because of the Matchbox toy, he said, adding that by the end of its run with the department the car was barely driveable.

"Nobody wanted to drive it," he said. "Now I've got to beat them off with a stick."

Marzetta drove the car -- a sleek, 450-horsepower billboard for the police department -- for the first time Thursday.

As he pulled out of the lot, he paused to rev the engine several times.

"No!" Siegel yelled after him. "Remember what you're driving!"

Contact Janet Lundquist at (815) 729-6014 or ... index.html
Think secession!

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