Colorful Old Corps Marines

Colorful Old Corps Marines

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Here's another of that ilk that I just lifted from the Tarawa On The Web Forum--lotta old WW II salts there.

"Les Groshong
Slug Marvin
Tue Mar 1, 2005 12:07

Slug Marvin is the only "China Marine" that I ever served under. He was reportedly quickly shipped out of China after picking up two Japanese officers, placing them under each arm and taking them to his CO. They had landed on his post- a dock on some Chinese river.
He was said to have been a "Pacific Fleet" heavyweight boxing champ. When I knew him in 3/HQ/8. he was coaching two boxers - former Worlds title holder Lou Brouillard, and "Sonny Boy" Walker, a heavyweight contender.
He backed a crap game every payday, calling the odds, and usually winning many a pay check. Later, he was ordered not to gamble in the barracks.
On Samoa, he was made brig warden, and again, reportedly, made every prisoner put on the gloves with him - after, of course, they had served five days piss and punk.
He stayed behind when the Eighth went to the canal, and was said to have later landed on Bougainville with the Third Division as a beach master. I heard that as soon as he hit the beach, he gathered up a few Marines and headed inland to "kill some Japs". It is said that he was never seen again.
I'd like to hear more about "Slug" if any of you remember some stories. "

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