CG Puller, 2d Marine Division, 1954-55

CG Puller, 2d Marine Division, 1954-55

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Re:About Vieques-1954 & Chesty takes over 2MarDiv

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Sat, 22 Mar 2003 03:31:24 GMT

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Do I ever remember when "Chesty" Puller took over the 2nd
MarDiv. This was either the end of 54 or the begining of 1955.
I know it was winter because we were in greens. I was an 18
year old PFC with 1/10. When we got the word, there was a mad
dash to get squared away for Division parade and inspection.

Some SOB stole my gloves. A mad scramble to clothing sales.
The only leather gloves available were about 3 sizes to LARGE
... like you could fold over the tips of the fingers. But what
the hell, when you have no gloves and inspection and parade is 2
days away you take what you can get.

Somehow, I wound up in the front rank. Parade went of fine. We
line up for inspection and "Chesty" comes "trooping the line".
We had the M1 Garands at the time. I come to inspection arms
and when I hit the opperating handle the damn glove slips off
the opperating handle. I turn purple with embarrasment and give
it a second shot. "Chesty" spotted the problem in a heart beat.
He stopped came directly to me, sliding his hand inside my
gloved hand!

He turned to the SgtMaj and said "I din't know we had elephants
in the Marine Corps. Son, where did you get these gloves?" I
managed to sqeek out "At clothing sales, Sir." "Chesty" said
"Tomorow, I want you to go back to clothing sales and tell them
you want a pair in YOUR SIZE! And if they don't have them, you
call my office!"

The next day when I returned to clothing sales .... they were
waiting for me.... with a pair of gloves in my size!!!! I
didn't wash my hand for a month.

R.W. "Dick" Gaines
GySgt USMC (Ret.) 1952-72
Gunny G's Old Salt Marines Tavern
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MILINET: A Sea Story

By: Capt. Ed Croghan, USMC (Ret.)


In the early "Sixties," I was standing Desk Sergeant at the PMO in Quantico.
General "Chesty" Puller had retired and was living at Saluda, VA which was
close enough to the base that he made periodical visits for PX, Commissary
runs and the like.

As was normal procedure, we had posted at the gate house, pictures of all
the Generals living on the base as well as those living in the proximity of
the base who might come aboard.

General Puller would arrive sometimes in his older model station wagon and
be dressed in his farm attire.

One afternoon as I was looking from my position at the Desk Sergeants post -
I looked out the window in time to see "Chesty's" wagon pull up to the gate
house-realizing that I had posted a new sentry on the gate, I hoped that he
would recognize the General and render him the proper courtesy. The
General's vehicle seemed to delay at the gate a little longer than I
expected and then accelerated down Barnett Ave at an obvious hurried pace.
As I pondered what was happening, the intercom to the gate came alive and I
heard my sentry say,

"Sgt. Croghan, who was that old man in that car?"

That was "Chesty" Puller I responded. "Oh, ****," he said! "What happened,"
I fearfully asked?

"Well, Sgt.," he pulled up to the gate and requested that I notify the Staff
Secretary that General Puller is aboard. I said, "No ****, and I'm Captain

As best as I recall, it wasn't 5 minutes later that the PMO's phone was
jangling off the hook and the Major left at a fast pace in his staff car for
the Base CP. The sentry left for Camp Lejeune the following morning!


R.W. "Dick" Gaines
GySgt USMC (Ret.) 1952-72
Gunny G's Old Salt Marines Tavern
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