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Gunny....From all the postings re Carlson one would think he was the only Raider C.O.
Colonel Meritt Edson, Medal of Honor, deserves recognition as the first C.O. of the First Raider Battalion. He was the hero of Edson's ridge on Guadalcanal.
One finds nothing but Carlson on your website....not to diminish his memory.....But.....
history tells us that he is apparently the only Marine C.O. ever considering seriously surendering to the small (?) enemy force on Makin Island.
If I understand correctly he gained his communistic sympathies
while marching in the Chinese Eigth Route Army under Mao. Again if I understand correctly he ran for the U.S. Senate as a communist from the state of Oregon. Furthur if my information is correct he was refused burial at Arlington upon his death. However hi famiy was finaly allowed to bury him there.
This is certainly not intended to denigrate Colonel Carlson....merely questioning why all the other Marines who commanded Raider Battalions are almost ignored. Marines such as Colonel (Later Brig. Gen. Harry B. Liversedge) Colonel Jimmy Roosevelt ( Later Brig. Gen.)
Since I served only in the First Raider Btn. I have no direct knowledge of other Raider C.O.s

I repeat....This is not meant to denigrate the late Colonel Carlson....Merely an effort to brng another great Marine to the attention of viewers.
Al Careaga, former GySgt.
First Raider Battalion, later C company, 1st. Btn. 4t Marines.


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My apology, it was never my intention to exclude/slight General Edson nor other raiders--the reason my Carlson Raiders website is all about Carlson and largely not other raiders, is because my website originally was, and has continued to be, a CARLSON Raiders website!
Information and comments re other raiders and organizations have been made only as they are incidental to the main theme of Carlson's and his 2d RaiderBn.

Edson, and the others were never my main interest, and it isn't that I ignored them--I just pursued my main interest which is Carlson the man.

No disrespect to other raiders, nor to other raider organizations at all. Carlson was, and is, my interest.
I came to do my webpages on Carlson several years ago mainly because there was a general lack of material on the WWW at that time. So I did it the old-fashioned way--myself! Since then many others have jumped on the bandwagon--some have even gone so far as to take some of my own writings--one in particular, where I wrote of my having seen the movie Gung Ho, when I was about 8 years old-- and published them as their own webpages together w/their own copyright notice.Pretty ballsy, huh?
Thankfully, since that time, the Raider Assn, and Dan Marsh, have also come along and put up outstanding and professional Raider sites far better than my humble efforts. I think that they have indeed covered the entire raider story in deatil.

That Carlson was unique among Marines and Raiders is an understatement, and it has been that that I have focused on.

Semper Fidelis
Gung Ho!
Dick Gaines
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