Can Too Much "Jointness" Disjoint The Marine Corps?

Can Too Much "Jointness" Disjoint The Marine Corps?

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Can Too Much "Jointness" Disjoint The Marine Corps
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SUBJECT AREA - Strategic Issues
Title: Can Too Much 'Jointness' Disjoint The Marine Corps?
Author: Major Randall A. Hodge, United States Marine Corps
Thesis: The Marine Corps' current focus on 'MEF
Warfighting' and 'Service Componency' in joint operations
poses a threat to the continued survivability of the Corps
as an independent military service.
Background: U.S. Marines have one of the finest 'warrior'
reputations in the world, yet the Corps has struggled for
more than two centuries to maintain its relevance in the
U.S. national defense. History clearly attributes the
Marine Corps' survival to its naval and expeditionary
character, coupled with its unique application of combined-
arms tactics. Marines have enjoyed unparalleled battlefield
success during major U.S. wars at the tactical level under
the operational command of Navy and Army forces. Over
the past several years, the Marines have 'crept' into the
realm of operational level warfighting. Marine forces
are routinely participating in Joint Task Force (JTF)
operations around the globe and in many cases have assumed
JTF leadership. The excitement of playing in the 'Big
League' has thrust the Corps' warfighting philosophy beyond
its capability to function effectively and efficiently
as a tactical warfighting organization. As the Marine
Corps prepares itself for the 21st century, it is training
more like an Army Corps than an integral element of the
Navy-Marine team."

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