Bayonet: War Films & Wartime Historical Topics....

Bayonet: War Films & Wartime Historical Topics....

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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 12:44:37 -0500 (EST)
Subject: [BAYONET] Thanks New Members.. Some tips & what we talk about.
Thanks for dropping in.. Moderation of new members is usually short after a few posts. This is only to prevent, any adverts, aka - spam. Since the group was created, nothing of this nature has appeared. Also you will rarely see fowl talk here. I would ask if you can refrain from it, please do so. There are a variety of people here; many are older members, which is great to see. The group is not only about films, but can take on several directions, including several conflicts, including the Civil War, Korea, World War 1, etc.

Sometimes bring up the film as comparison can be interesting. I noticed in the last week we lost 3 great actors for example, and they all had military backgrounds. I think the most interesting was we brought up a actor we lost awhile back.. Donald Pleasence, who you seen in several films, such as the Great Escape, and The Eagle Has Landed where he played Himmler. The late Donald Pleasence, was himself a Royal Airforce pilot shot down by the Germans, and went through some hard times in prison.

If you ever get the urge to post about any interesting war related history of facts, or even want to talk about your own relatives and where they served, it is most welcome.

Of course not all are interested in the same topics, that is why we bounce around here. So stick around, because sooner or later, a topic will come up related to your interest.

Check the links, and poll, to vote, and click on some of the past posts and check around to see what is there to give you a idea what we have brought up in the past, and if anything strikes your interest you can always refer back to it.

Members with some information as to age, and other particulars, such as country of origin do get off moderation quite quickly to post whenever they want, but generally if you don't have much information in your yahoo ID, it may take a bit longer, as we have no idea who you are. I find most of all your country of origin to be interesting in yahoo idea. It gives the other person a idea where your from as opposed to opininion. If anything I would suggest you put that, so when the member clicks on your ID, he has a better understanding as to where your from also.

Thanks for joining..

Regards Ken / Owner

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